If you’re going to pop the question and propose to your significant other, what better time and place to do it than after a beautiful hike to an incredible overlook? If she says “no,” well I suppose the hike down could be a challenge, but if she says yes you’ve got the world before you. Stephen decided to do just that — hike up to a beautiful overlook in Virginia called Mcafee’s Knob. He did it with his now fiancé and the both of them (as well as the photographer) were sporting their FiveFingers (Sprints and Trek Sports for him and her, respectively). I asked Stephen to share a bit about the ordeal and here’s what he had to say:
The above photo is my engagement at Mcafee’s Knob with, of course, Fivefinger shoes … I drove her up to Virginia specifically to hike Mcafee’s Knob (renowned as one of the best sceneries on the East coast). She had no idea it was coming, but she said yes! We are an outdoor couple, so doing it outdoors was an obvious decision. I bought my fiancé her first pair to go hiking in Alabama. She’s wearing TrekSports. I own 4 pairs: two Sprints, Bikilas and some Treksports. Not that you asked, but my absolute favorite are Sprints (I’m planning on buying up a couple pairs since they discontinued them …) The first one is my fiancé, Michelle, and myself. The second one is my friend, Evan, and myself.
Congrats to you both! And thanks for sharing the beautiful view and experience with us!