ATTENTION: This sale has ended!

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The sale

Head over to The Clymb today and you can get select VivoBarefoot shoes at 50%+ off! Given VivoBarefoots are probably the most expensive “barefoot shoes” you can buy (short of dropping hundreds of bucks on custom Russell Moccasins), this kind of deal makes picking up a pair much, much easier on the pocketbook.

NOTE: You will need to use my invite if you’re not already a member!

What is The Clymb? Well, it’s sorta like Gilt Group for outdoor products — a flash sale marketing company for short-term, large markdown sales. Here’s The Clymb in it’s own words:

For those who find their passion in the outdoors, The Clymb inspires human-powered adventure by delivering member-exclusive 72-hour sales on premium brands and experiences, hand-picked by our team of fellow enthusiasts and experts. Membership is free, allowing users to shape the community, allowing users to shape the community by inviting like-minded friends. The company is based in Portland, Ore., and was founded in 2009 by a seasoned team of outdoor and sport industry veterans.

Human powered adventure,” eh? Sounds like something folks into I’m loading the boat on some VivoBarefoots! I’m picking up a pair of men’s Miles in brown (topmost pic, far left) and men’s Neos in black and yellow. I’ve still got my pair of VivoBarefoot Aquas. Ah Mrs. BirthdayShoes is going to love me getting more shoes — saved: she wants the beige Venus VivoBarefoots!

Here’s The Deal

Below are the VivoBarefoot styles for men and women are on sale through The Clymb’s current 72-hour offer. “Official product page” links go to (so you can read specs, etc., but you won’t find the sale there). In order to order off The Clymb, you’ll have to join, but it’s a simple sign-up process. You can knock it out in a coupla minutes (link opens new window). If you decide to purchase a pair of Vivos via The Clymb sale, you’ll get them between August 25 and 27. IMPORTANT! If you’re not already a member of The Clymb, you’ll need to register via my invite!

  • Neo — Price: $120 $54.98! — Black / Yellow; White / Black; White / Green; and White / Red [Official product page]
  • Aqua — Price: $150 $59.98 to $61.98! — Organic Canvas (navy); Tumbled Leather (White); Suede (Black) [Official product page]
  • Miles — Price: $150 $64.98! — Black or Brown [Official product page]

If you’ve been wanting a pair of VivoBarefoots for casual wear or running, this is your opportunity to get them at a good price. While Terra Plana VivoBarefoot shoes are oft-maligned for being overpriced when bought at full MSRP, The Clymb’s offer is enough of a discount to make them what I’d consider a good deal. So if you’re after a pair of foot-friendly, non-toe-shoes-shoes that are are “zero-drop” from heel to toe, afford a good bit of ground feel, have a natural-sized toe box, and a good bit of style, here’s your Friday impulse-buy bargain.

Thanks to The Clymb for the heads up!