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BirthdayShoes Week in ReviewHappy Birthday America!This past week we updated our popular guide to spotting fake Vibram Five Fingers with new information from Vibram and a close look at what to look for when searching for the real thing.Jason…

BirthdayShoes Week in Review

Happy Birthday America!

This past week we updated our original, early April post on fake Five Fingers with a much-needed update on Vibram’s toe shoe counterfeit problem. We encourage those looking to buy Vibram Five Fingers to familiarize yourself with our regularly updated monster list of counterfeit online retailers (Over 175 and counting!) as well as our guide to avoiding counterfeit toe shoes.

On the Vibram fan front, we blogged about Jason surviving the rigors of a DisneyWorld vacation in his Vibram Five Fingers Sprints. Also, check out Emily and her family of Five Fingers wearers.

Meanwhile, we interviewed competitive runner, Edward Edmonds, about his experiences using barefoot running for training to run a professional level marathon. Edward is a thoughtful runner and offered an abundance of advice for runners at any level.

After the jump, see links and videos related to barefoot running and, of course, VFFs!

Latest Vibram Five Fingers Links

Our friend Patrick Sweeney, who is quite possibly the fastest distance runner to date in Vibram Five Fingers (See our interview with Patrick Sweeney here), reports on his win at the Stand for Hope 5k (He wore Vibram Sprints!).

Dr. Irene Davis, a professor of physical therapy, and director of the Running Injury Clinic at the University of Delaware weighs in on running barefoot.

Iowa Hawkeyes’ QB Rick Stansey was caught at an interview session in his KSOs.

Benosh magazine sugggested that Vibram Five Fingers are the best Father’s day gift (You can follow Benosh on Facebook here).

Runblogger’s Peter does a cool forefoot strike video with his son.

Run Addicts looks at the pros and cons of barefoot running.

Vibram Five Fingers Latest Videos

More from Professor Daniel Lieberman on forefoot striking.

A runner from Denmark shows off his new Vibram Five Fingers Speeds and reports on his Flow Treks after logging 600K in them:

Check out the beautiful scenery of the Mont Blanc Marathon. In VFFs of course!

Thanks for looking and have great 4th of July and a great week!

By Britt

Hailing from College Station, Texas (Home to Texas A&M!), I grew up running cross country. Believe it or not, I gave Justin the name for this site back in early 2009 but I didn't jump on the toe shoes bandwagon until a year later. I am also really into quadcopters and drones and have a blog called OddCopter.com.

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I bought a pair today at REI to review for my blog Confessions of a Startled Fat Woman. So glad i bought from a recognized dealer. Saw the vibramyes.com right after returning. As I am naturally suspicious, I googled “vibramyes a scam” and there you are. Looking forward to test driving my kso’s.

I purchased my VFF KSO’s 5 weeks ago, I have NOT put my Nike’s back on since. The first 3 weeks involved retraining my brain for the Barefoot style of running. Also, enduring newly found muscles in my calves. Week five, I was back to my SHOD 5 K times. Adding K’s weekly and started some trail running. I also lost my earbuds and found a whole new world around me.
Good luck

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