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Based on your glowing reviews I actually ordered a pair of Pah Tempe and I got a pair of Z-treks to compare (I talked to both companies a bit to pick the correct size sending photos of my foot on their various paper templates). I have a narrow foot and low volume ankle and so for me the Z-treks worked a lot better. With the PTs, even when I had the straps tightened as tight as possible, my foot moved all over the place in the PTs (my heel would land off the sole and my toe would land over the spot where the toe strap connects to the sole). Also when I tightened the strap too much, the front of the PT would tend to "taco" a bit making it feel weird. For me the two-zone adjustment of the Z-treks worked better.

I am coming from FiveFingers so I asked my friend who has run two marathons in Lunas who foot size the same as mine and he had a similar issue with the Pah Tempes (to be fair he wasn't thrilled with the sidewalls of the Z-treks either).

Here of photos of my foot in the two sandals

I am undecided on the heelcup of the Z-treks, I've seen on Youtube that some people just cut them off... but I'm hesitant to drastically alter them that way since it is irreversible.

04/23/15 @ 13:15
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The Z-Treks are excellent sandals and I their dual adjustments make them highly customizable for many runners and hikers.

However, they only come in a single shape, which can be difficult to size properly for some individuals like myself.

The Pah Tempe, however, come in multiple shapes and sizes for a more custom fit.

Indeed, you do have narrow feet! Which would make the Z-Treks a fantastic fit!

It's incredibly interesting how different our feet are. Mine are flat and wide with stubby toes and yours are narrow with longer digits. With that in mind, it's tough for shoe folks to get it just right for everyone.

For me, the widest option for the PT is quite perfect, but we are all very different, which is why Unshoes made the different template options for ease of manufacturing and fitting.

I really wish that Xeroshoes would either make a wide version of the Z-Treks or remove the sidewalls for better volume management, because they are great running sandals.

Lots of people have been cutting off their heel cups and the choice is yours. The only real issues I can think of is that you may end up with some jagged rubber bits and since the heel cup actually takes up some horizontal space on the sandal, you might end up shortening the heel section too much when you remove the cup.

Regardless, the FeelTrue sole is a bit heavy, so I would remove the cup to take off some weight.

04/24/15 @ 09:05
Comment from: Jane [Visitor]

Hi there,

Thanks for the article. I am in need of a pair of minimalist sandals for this summer season and am trying to decide between the Z-Treks and Pah Tempe, so this has been a great help!

I plan on using whichever sandals to run (I am a light runner, usually not much more than 10 km at a time). However, my main goal is to have them as a general use sandal for walking and to wear at my serving job in a busy restaurant. I think my foot is semi-wide, but probably not super wide, if that makes any sense.

Anyhow, my main question is about the slapping of the Z-Trek. Is that a problem when walking as well? I wouldn't want to be walking around the restaurant with slappy sandals, disturbing all the patrons. Does the Pah Tempe have a slap problem as well?


05/10/15 @ 07:25
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The slapping "issue" is really a matter of form--and a bit of material choice.

The Feeltrue rubber is a bit slappier than many other running sandals, but it's the material Xeroshoes has been using for a while and it is very durable (5,000 warranty!).

For walking around, you won't encounter any slapping. Definitely less than a pair of flip flops, since the sandal is well-anchored to your foot.

The Pah Tempe uses a different rubber compound and has a variety of EVA and EVA/CORK footbed options. It's the quieter and more customizable of the two, while the Z-Trek is more polished and comfortable, provided you have the right foot shape.

05/10/15 @ 23:19
Comment from: Kimberley [Visitor]  

I have a pair of the Z-trek (had to get men's size to fit the width of my toes) I went on a 5 mile walk (I'm training for the Avon 39) and they rub the pads of my feet and my a small part of my heal. Had to take them off and finish barefoot. My question is... It's the Pan Tempe have a better foot bed that won't blister my feet?

05/17/15 @ 12:03
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Hi Kimberly,

The Feeltrue sole on the Z-Trek is pretty dense and "rubby" as it is pure rubber.
By comparison, the Pah Tempe (and all other Unshoes sandals) have at least a 1mm EVA footbed/topper (you can also get the cork/hybrid topper and the "ultra" footbed, all of which are forgiving to landings, running, and will not rub or blister as pure rubber will.

If you are experience rubbing and blisters with the Xeroshoes, I would recommend taking it easing and letting your foot get used to it or giving Unshoes a try. Just make sure to pick the right templates for your foot shape.I highly recommend the Pah Tempe.


05/17/15 @ 12:34
Comment from: Shannon [Visitor]  

Thanks so much for the detailed review, and especially the comparison with the Pah Tempe! I was seriously considering the Z-Trek because of the durability factor (my old pair of Pah Tempe's actually warped and shrunk when I accidentally left them on a hot porch a couple of summers ago!) but after reading this I think I would have the same problem with my pinky toes being cramped. I also appreciate the photo that clearly shows the "made in China" stamp on the Z-Trek. :)

05/20/15 @ 14:44
Comment from: Abe Froman [Visitor]
Abe Froman

I bought these and was really disappointed. The buckles on the straps don't hold their adjustment. They are constantly coming loose. I recently went for a two mile walk around the neighborhood and the soles rubbed blisters on he bottoms of my feet. After 1 mile I took them off and finished walking barefoot, which is what I should have done in the beginning. I prefer to be barefoot but I wanted something I could slip on when I need to go to the store. These are fine for that. I might adjust the straps where I need them and sew them together so they don't come loose anymore.

08/02/15 @ 19:15
Comment from: Kenton Wilcox [Visitor]  
Kenton Wilcox

I've had the exact same problem that Abe Froman has had with these: the buckles refuse to hold. It doesn't matter if I'm running, walking, or hiking, the buckles always fail to keep the adjustment I want. I've owned them for several months now and have had to relegate them to casual use only.

I'm most likely going to pick up the Pah Tempe's since my Z-Treks have become somewhat annoying and useless.
By the way, love this site and have been using all the reviews to make some new footwear decisions so thank you!

12/01/15 @ 20:32
Comment from: Mark [Visitor]  

About the heel cup: As someone who drives a manual transmission car all summer long, and does quite a bit of driving, the heel cup is very useful. I don't use my DIY xero shoes for driving because my heel gets irritated and the back of the sandal folds over and annoys me. These are great for driving.

03/10/16 @ 10:49
Comment from: tomasz [Visitor]  

Hello! You wrote that you are using size 9. I have a question: how much does your foot measure in millimeters?
Greetings Tomek

03/30/17 @ 06:27
Comment from: [Member]

Hi Tomek!

27 CM!

03/30/17 @ 09:17
Comment from: Tomek [Visitor]  

Great thanks! ;)

03/30/17 @ 15:07
Comment from: Lauren [Visitor]  

Hi, I am thinking of buying the PT sleeks but am concerned about their ease of taking on/off. Is this something you find frustrating, or takes a long time? I have the z-trails from Xero, but find that they are a pain to take on/off. The mid-section strap is difficult to quickly loosen, and I am wary to use the heel strap velcro for everyday use as I am sure it will wear over time.

10/13/17 @ 11:04
Comment from: [Member]

Hi Lauren,

I have been a bit fan of the PT (and the sleeks) and found them to be quite easy to slip on and off.

Adjustments are relatively quick and it wouldn't be something that would prevent me from wearing them for most activities.

The standard PT have a more secure fit, while the sleeks have a better look. It's up to you!

If you take a look at the comparison review, I found the PT to be the runner's/hiker's sandal, while the Z-Trek is an evolution of the hiking sandal that would be a good choice for folks that have a good fit (which I, unfortunately, did not).

I think you will enjoy them alot!

10/17/17 @ 11:31

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