Xero Shoes the Shark Tank Sandal?

Xero Shoes—the huaraches sandals company founded by Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix—is going to be on ABC’s Shark Tank at 9:00PM tomorrow night, February 1, 2013!

If you’re not familiar with Shark Tank, it’s a show where entrepreneurs pi…

Xero Shoes—the huaraches sandals company founded by Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix—is going to be on ABC’s Shark Tank at 8:00PM tonight, May 31, 2013! (This is a rerun of the episode that aired February 1, 2013).

If you’re not familiar with Shark Tank, it’s a show where entrepreneurs pitch their business to five investors. The investors then have the opportunity to bid on investing in the business. The show is great entertainment as it has that live edginess provided by the investors as they ask questions, poke holes, and comment on the pitch presented.

NOTE: Since this is a re-run of the Feb. 1, 2013, episode, if you caught the original airing, you already know what happened! That said, everything below (save for a new sale!) is written as though I didn’t know … make sense? No spoilers!

With a barefoot running sandal business being the investment at foot tonight, you can be sure things are going to get interesting!

Of course, I say “barefoot running sandal” and you hear “huaraches” — the sandals now made famous through Born to Run. As huaraches go, there’s no better bang for your buck than those produced by Xero Shoes’ whether you run in them or just wear them as your everyday footwear. And this is regardless of whether you you DIY a pair or have them make them custom for your feet. Xero Shoes is the only huaraches or huaraches-inspired sandal manufacturer that produces a custom, made-for-huaraches outsole (In two thicknesses, both of which I’ve reviewed at length).

Confession time. I’m a little biased towards watching (and promoting) this particular episode of Shark Tank. Why? Well, it’s not just because I know Steven or just like Xero Shoes (or that is supported via affiliated sales of Xeros!); in this case, it’s because the cute photo of my oldest daughter was used in the pitch to the sharks (The photo was from a kid’s huaraches review)!

So in theory, my girl is going to get a couple seconds of prime time tomorrow night! I don’t know for sure she’ll be seen on tomorrow night’s episode, but my toes will be crossed. Humorously, she’ll probably be sleeping when it airs at 9PM EST and even if she was awake, would get almost zero excitement out of being seen on TV. Kids!

As for what might happen on the show, all I can say is that it’s my view that Xero Shoes is an incredible business with a bright future. Whether or not the investors on Shark Tank have the prescience to see that or not … well does it really matter? It’s going to make good television regardless!

Bottom line: you can catch Xero Shoes on ABC’s Shark Tank at 8PM! If you do, keep an eye out for Avi!

FINALLY, at 8:45 Xero Shoes aving a Shark Tank Sale! To celebrate being in
front of millions of people, Xero Shoes will be offering their DIY kits for 20% off through next Friday, June 7th. The sale starts at 8:45PM Eastern, which is a few minutes before Steven and Lena appear on the show. Just head on over to and hook it up!

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13 replies on “Xero Shoes the Shark Tank Sandal?”

Wow! I hope someone picks up the product, I love Shark Tank. Good luck and good work for everyone who has gotten the barefoot movement to where it is today. Can’t wait to watch the episode.

After watching steven’s flick “s*it barefoot runners say” (can be found on youtube) I must say the man is
a natural born comedian and actor.
Xero shoes really deserves to be a popular bf sandals brand. They have the barefoot spirit in them: light, heartly, and flowing. And they always
Do it with an honet smile. They really LOVE what
they do for living. And that love is
Being felt over
Their sandals or anything they do.
Good luck with the show!

I agree 100% with Bob. Steven and Lena are going to rock tonight. He is 100% personality and they really know how to promote and sell their huaraches in an honest and positive way.

A lot of entrepreneurs on the show fail because they can’t hold their during the inquisition by the investors. I have no doubt that Steven will shine.

Can’t wait to see the show tonight.

Good luck to both of them.

I am excited for this episode to air. My wife and I regularly watch this show and it is always interesting. The fact that a product that appeals to us is going to be showcased makes it all the more enjoyable. Hopefully Avi’s will get a little airtime.

I think the Sharks on Shark tank were wrong to not support Zero Shoes. I will be buying some shortly!! I liked both of the people presenting, and I LOVE the product! I’m a future buyer 🙂

Think they were wrong personally. I’ve come to love my Xero’s and thinking of actually doing a mud run in May with them just for fun. That said Xero shoe’s will go places. I think they’ll get a big investor regardless of what happened on the show tonight.

disappointed in the outcome, i’m not surprised that the sharks didn’t want in…totally oblivious

and i totally forgot they’re that young of a company

that means i bought my INVISIBLE shoes 2-3 months after they started, cool!

i’ll be buying another pair in the future when my other pair die, and it’ll be nice to get my feet on some new stuff 😛

stinks, but at least they haven’t messed themselves up like some of the other people

I’m not at all surprised they didn’t get a deal with the sharks. They were asking for way too much for way too little equity for a company that is still very young. It’s not the sharks’ fault. The owners were being too optimistic. If you want a deal on that show, you have to go in with realistic expectations and, if you’ve watched the series with any sort of consistency, there is no way what they were wanting was realistic.

That said, I’m glad they did go on the show. I intend to buy a pair after seeing them featured.

Too bad they did not get a deal. Hopefully they will find other means of funding their efforts so that this great business can continue selling their products.

very often people who go on the show and don’t get a deal get investors from other places. That show started in Canada (called Dragon’s Den) and I know a few people who went in, came out with nothing from the show and found investors that same week.

Keep in mind that the Sharks/Dragons want businesses with some maturity, experience, sales numbers and are also looking out for their own interests. They don’t just throw millions of dollars at people because it’s a good idea and they’re nice people.

I commute via train, and all my “train buddies” know about my shoe preference. One of them apparently caught the episode and asked me if I ever watch Shark Tank. “No, maybe only once or twice”. “There was this couple who was on and they had these … sandals…” I totally knew who and what they were talking about 🙂

I bought the kit, and after receiving it, I do not know where I can wear such “shoes” without embarrassment. Worst of all, they do not stand behind their product and do not offer satisfaction guarantee. Now I understand why.

So don’t waste your money like I did.

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