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Laced SeeYa LS Vibram FiveFingers for Fall 2012

We got a glimpse of what must have been a Vibram FiveFingers SeeYa LS (laced!) prototype a bit over a month ago. With nothing to go on but speculation, I guessed that these laced SeeYas were going to show up sometime in the Spring of 2013.

Well what…

We got a glimpse of what must have been a Vibram FiveFingers SeeYa LS (laced!) prototype a bit over a month ago. With nothing to go on but speculation, I guessed that these laced SeeYas were going to show up sometime in the Spring of 2013. Well what do you know? Vibram is actually planning on releasing the SeeYa LS in October of this year (2012)!! Photos and more after the jump! If you’re up on the original ultralight SeeYa FiveFingers model because you picked up a pair — or because you’ve read both our men’s and women’s review of the FiveFingers SeeYa — you might know that there were some issues cited by our reviewers. Namely, Tim noted a somewhat loose fit in the heel; Leah had some issues with rubbing and blisters where the strap attached to the upper (socks would seem to prevent this issue). Anecdotally, I know Leah’s not the only one to experience those kinds of sockless wear issues with the SeeYa. Meanwhile, the SeeYa model is incredibly lightweight due to a minimal rubber and polyurethane sole (rubber at points of high contact and polyurethane on the arch). They’re extremely breathable and pretty comfortable as just knockaround or general fitness toe shoes. So with the SeeYa LS, in theory, you’re going to get a more customizable fit, and I’m optimistic these laced SeeYas will improve on the original model’s shortcomings — of course, we’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll reserve further comment for now and just note that these are slated for an October 1 release date (this is a little later than the other Fall 2012 FiveFingers models) and are expected to MSRP for $100. (Oh and if you still want a pair of the original SeeYas, well, while they last you can find some here for 25% off — $75!) What do you think about these? Been on the fence about the SeeYa but interested in a laced model? Below are the official photos as well as a press release from Vibram on their upcoming debut! Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!

SeeYa LS FiveFingers Photos

Men’s: Women’s: Official Press Release below:


SeeYa LS Blends SeeYa’s Streamlined Performance Sole with Smart Upper for Casual Use and Cross Training CONCORD, Mass., June 18, 2012 – Taking its cue from the city streets, Vibram FiveFingers is launching a new fashion conscious model ideal for casual or cross training use. Based on the super lightweight SeeYa, a streamlined road runner designed for the seasoned minimalist runner, the Seeya LS borrows the streamlined styling and high performance sole of its predecessor, but features a smart new upper that answers the demand for more versatility. The SeeYa LS will be available at retail on October 1, 2012. “Although the SeeYa was initially designed for a very specific purpose, it became one of our most popular models. Our customers were wearing it to make a casual style statement and also cross train at the gym,” explained Michael Martin, Vice President of Sales, Vibram FiveFingers. “We saw an opportunity here and ran with it, totally redesigning the upper to create a fun, fashion conscious cross over model.” The new SeeYa LS combines traditional lacing, suede overlays and a non-stretch polyester mesh upper, reminiscent of a performance canvas for casual chic. The lacing and non-stretch fabric are dual purpose in their design, creating a snug and personalized fit. Bold and muted color ways, highlighted by an interesting web print add to the playful street appeal. At a mere 5-ounce average, this redesigned shoe is grounded by a seriously lightweight high performance sole designed to shave ounces wherever possible. A TC-1 rubber provides superior grip on varied terrain and a 2mm EVA insole and Drilex sock liner offer added comfort. Additionally, TPU in the arch area of the sole offers flexibility with reduced weight. The result: an extremely comfortable, truly minimalist, high performance footwear alternative with panache. It is available in black/grey/ rose and peach/light grey for women. In men’s it is offered in three color ways: grey/yellow/black, castle rock/navy/grey and black/grey/silver. The SeeYa LS will debut at an m.s.r.p. of $100. Vibram® is recognized worldwide as the leader in high performance soles and have set the standard since Vitale Bramani created mountaineering’s first rubber lugged sole in the late 1930’s. Vibram® soles have gone on to conquer Mt. Everest, K2 and a host of the world’s tallest peaks. Today, the company works with over 1200 premium brands to co develop the most durable, highest performing outdoor, recreational, work and fashion footwear on the market. In 2006, Vibram® introduced FiveFingers®, a revolutionary and patented glove-styled shoe that pioneered the minimalist footwear movement. FiveFingers was introduced as a shoe that allows the foot to move naturally. They allow the body to operate as if it was barefoot while protecting it with a Vibram rubber sole. This sole is built with unmatched rubber compounds allowing it to have maximum flexibility as well as protect, even in its thin nature. As a result the user can feel the earth beneath them unlike any footwear on earth.
The SeeYa sole platform features Vibram rubber in two large pieces separated by a polyurethane base that helps reduce weight and increase sole flexibility.

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23 replies on “Laced SeeYa LS Vibram FiveFingers for Fall 2012”

Every time I say I won’t get the new pair, but ever time I do. This won’t be an exception – just an extra pair to choose from in the morning.

Some Vibram employee’s child will be going to a very expensive college thanks to all of the different VFF’s I’ve bought over the past year…last buy included a pair of See Ya’s….now they come out with these….help.

Maybe Vibram should return to their original concept, designing the sole and leave the design of the upper to other companies.
This one looks like an asic tiger that got webbed by our favourite webslinger or clawed by Wolverine.

Wait, so they redesigned the upper to make it more of a cross training shoe, and less of a running one? Wtf…

I bought a 2nd pair of the original SeeYas a few hours ago, before seeing this, and I think I still made the right buy.

I am happy they redesigned the upper. I tried a pair of the regular seeya and I could tell right away they were going to give me blisters if I tried to run in them. I’m hoping these won’t have that spot where the straps attach that digs into me even while standing still.

I’d love to run in my Seeyas but both times I’ve tried I’ve ended up with bad blisters from the strap. I’ve been hoping for exactly this!

Too bad they did not keep the original blue/gray color scheme. Oh well, I will definitely give the black/gray pair my consideration. I have been meaning to try on a pair of See-Yas for a while now, but also had it in my head that these would be coming due to the facebook images of the prototypes. I much prefer laces over velcro. I can’t wait to see how these fit/feel. I think they are okay aesthetically speaking. They are not great, but not hideous either IMHO.

Please have grey/black for women’s sizes! This is the best color combo I have yet seen! I’m a guy but women sized feet.

Kind of curious why all the top view pictures appear to have the laces photoshopped in. There are no shadows and the edges are kind of choppy.

They seriously need some help with design & color schemes. Who can match all these wacky color combos with running clothes.

I’m all fine with shocking colors, but some combis are just blegh. And the accents and decorations are so bizzaro. You don’t see appealing motifs anywhere.

I agree with Grim
same situation with my feet and most the pairs I want only come in some rediclious colors that a guy shouldn’t have to wear. Just got my second pair Bikilas black/yellow (which by the way are actually more navy/neon yellow but idc)

I’m pretty sure if Vibram started making more neutral colors like the grey/black in men’s and women’s sizes they’d sell quite a few more fivefingers pretty quickly

I agree with Grim and Spencer–the constant use of pink accents on the womens sizes is really frustrating since there’s not really an alternative beyond the brighter colored ones.

That being said, I can live with orange, and I’ve really been looking forward to the laced version of these coming out, since I started using my laceless Seeya’s for just about everything.

I agree with the others – there’s no reason minimal shoes or five fingers specifically new to be so loud. I think a lot of people who are ok the “toe shoes” are not crazy about the colors we’re forced into.

Also, I second the question about the upper – did they change it from the non-ls version to make this more of a cross trainer and less of a running shoe??

I guess I’m the only one who likes the black and pink. I don’t care for some of vibrams colors, but mostly black with just the little pink is good for me. I’m also not a fan of velcro in general. I’ll probably give these a try.

I’m in agreement with Grim, Spencer and Rachel. vibram continues to make bad marketing decisions for guys with smaller feet that are forced to buy a shoe color more female then male. Because of that decision I have wanted, but refused to buy speed, trek ls, spyridon now and the soon to be released lontra, which I really want as a person in the north east that has to transition to and from my fives and traditional shoes. I believe Vibram hears there customers, but do not listen to them much.

It kills me that their colorschemes have gotten a bit better (hideous Komodosports flooring) but now they have a crazy Spiderweb thing. I suppose it is sort of functional and the navy as well as black pairs are asics lookalikes …

The hilarity of it all is that they have their most minimal shoe with the maximum toe design patterns.

They could have done better with regards to weight. The Seeya is 4.4 oz. At five ounces the LS is not really that light considering the sole has been cored out; it’s within 1oz of the Bikila LS. In comparison the other LS models lightened their respective models.

Do you think the half an ounce comes from the laces or the ridiculous patterning?

I had a case of top of foot pain which I solved by re-lacing my speeds. With velcro straps I would have had to ditch the shoes altogether. So while some of you Americans are waiting for the velcro spyridons, personally I hope we get the LS model here in Norway soon – and the same goes for the seeyas.


I’m really hoping this version will fix the poor heel design of the original Seeyas. I tried to buy a pair today and my normal size (43) felt great except the heel was way too loose I then tried a 42 and it was so tight my big toe felt like it was being pulled up.

One more voice in support of neutraly coloured womans’ VFFs, especially lontras :).

Why does a shoe have to be pink or purple just because its ‘for women’? I know several woman who would never choose to wear pink or purple shoes. Where does this automatic association come from?

I have a pair of light grey Seeyas and they have changed my life :). My dream would be a VFF with a Seeya sole and a water-proof, breathable upper. Then you could wear woolen toe socks if you need – or not.

I love my Jaya(s) & Jaya LS for my everyday casual wear!!! I have 2 pairs of Jayas (both pairs are Black/gray) & 2 pairs of Jaya LSs (one pair black on gray, second pair black on black). I also own a pair of Trek Sports (Black) for trails & yard work. Just recently ordered a pair of KSO Treks (brown) W42 ordered too large even with socks on 🙁 can’t return because they were on clearance… But I’m in the market looking for something a bit warmer for the fall/winter months. I’ve been itching to try a pair from the new line-ups coming out. But the women’s color ways really put me out. While I am a woman, I do not like to wear pink/purple or any of the those feminine type color ways. I like my shoes with a casual look, blacks/grays/browns with some hints of colors occasionally. For sports wear would like to have the reflective tapes on them!!!! Wish Lists….sigh….someday…. Til then, I’ll keep rocking my Jayas!!!!

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