It’s been six long months since we first saw the Vibram Five Fingers Trek Sport — and the blue and grey Vibram Five Fingers Bikila showcased at the winter Outdoor Retailer — at last they are here. Yep, it’s time to pick up “just one more” pair of VFFs*! And if you just got the KSO Remix or the Smartwool Classics (Released last week) or the Colorway Sprints for women released Monday, I’ve got two words for ya: Ramen Noodles**.

On buying the new Trek Sport Five Fingers and Blue Bikilas:

The Five Fingers Bikila in blueCitySports has them new in sizes 40 – 47 for just under $100.

If you’re not yet familiar with the Vibram Five Fingers Bikila, it’s the first “barefoot” shoe designed specifically for running on “unnatural” surfaces. As far as the Bikila’s “barefoot feel” is concerned, it is slightly less sensational at the forefoot than the KSO (which is slightly less sensational than the Classic or Sprint). That said, the Bikila allows for a natural gait with a forefoot strike and has fewer inward facing seams, lending it a very comfortable feel against your bare foot. It’s also perhaps the most stylish VFF to date.

Surf over to our Five Fingers Bikila product listing page and then read up on the latest reviews and user stories or just go straight to City Sports and grab a pair.

The Five Fingers Trek Sport — It’s brand new to the Vibram Five Fingers line and CitySports has them now in black, sizes 40 – 47, also for about $100 (Coupon code BIRTHDAY for free shipping!).

Though I’ve not yet put my feet in a pair, the Trek Sport looks to be a mash-up of the beloved Vibram KSO and the kangaroo leather KSO Trek (review). That said, the Trek Sport looks like considerably more “put together” than the KSO as it features an added bit of fabric at the Achilles tendon, reflective material on the straps, TPU toe protection, and, of course, the beefier made-for-trails Trek sole. Perhaps the most innovative feature of the Trek Sport is that the upper is made of some coconut and “active carbon” fabric. It’s also vegan friendly.

For the sake of completeness, here is the Trek Sport product information (The midsole/outsole is the same as the KSO Trek):

“Building on the success and versatility of the KSO and KSO Trek, Vibram FiveFingers presents the Trek Sport. Vibram’s TrekSport offers a 4mm EVA midsole for plating protection and a lightly cleated 4mm Vibram performance rubber outsole for added traction on a variety of surfaces. The Coconut Active Carbon upper offers natural breathability and abrasion resistance for maximum performance during your outdoor and athletic pursuits.

“TrekSport is best for: Light Trekking, Trail and Road Running, Cross Training, CrossFit, Walking and Travel.”

Like all other closed top Vibram Five Fingers, the Trek Sport should size similarly to the KSO. Go get’em at City Sports!

Though I expect there the other colors and women’s sizes will show up soon, I think it’s fitting that they first released the Trek Sport in it’s full-on black beauty as black KSO Five Fingers are the reigning champion color combination: get your ninja on!

Good luck!

* When is “one more” ever only one more? If you’re expecting some headwinds on convincing your significant other that you need to get another pair of Five Fingers (Trust me when I say you can never have enough), consider these excuses: “One word: ninja.” … “No, these have the extra grippies on the bottom for trails and reflective spots to keep me safe!” … “When you think about it, I’m actually saving money by getting these instead of the leather KSO Treks.” … “They’re cheaper than that Ferrari I wanted!” … Since these excuses are, in fact, terrible, perhaps you best simply consider that it’s “Better to ask forgiveness than permission” — not that we advocate that sorta behavior!

** Seriously folks, be mindful of your purchases.