Vibram Five Fingers Sprint [Barefoot] Toe Shoes

The Vibram Five Fingers Sprint is one of the first "barefoot" toe shoes produced by Vibram (Jump to posts on the Sprint below!). The Sprint features an open-topped design with a velcro-strap over the top of the foot and two small straps on either side of the heel to secure the shoes to the foot. This mechanism allows the user to dial-in the attachment of the Sprint to provide an exceedingly latched-on fit. The Sprint has the standard Vibram Five Fingers sole.

Like all Vibram Five Fingers models, the Sprint has five separated toe compartments that allow the foot to splay on contact with the ground. Sprint Five Fingers have no arch support and no cushioning or padding. The Sprint is a favorite for running (and sprinting!) and fitness.

The standout features of the Sprint include:

  • Open top makes the Sprint airy and relatively easy to put on or take off (Though the velcro straps present a bit of a learning curve to the new wearer).
  • The on-skin top strap provides a locked on feel — and actually doesn't cause blistering or irritation.
  • The Sprint, like the Classic, features Vibram's most minimal sole approved for outdoor use. If you want Vibrams with the most barefoot feel, like the Classic, the Sprint is a great choice. What sets it apart from the Classic is that it can be used in just about any application — no matter the intensity!

Sizing and fit

If you've never sized your foot for Vibram Five Fingers, you need to consult the Vibram Five Fingers sizing chart (image) and measure the length of your feet as presecribed. Vibram sizing does not correspond to standard shoe sizes!

If you've sized in Vibrams before, note that Sprints size slightly smaller than the same size in the KSO (and other closed-top models). So a 43 Sprint will fit smaller than a 43 KSO. For this reason, Vibram prescribes you size up in the Sprint compared to the KSO. Generally, it is better to size up if you're in between sizes — you don't want your toes bending out of lack of room! Also, the Sprint's open top design makes it easier to fit "high feet" as compared to KSOs.

Read (and see!) more about the Five Fingers Sprint via these reviews:

Okay, I want some Sprints. How much are they? Where can I get them?

The Sprint retails for around $80 and can often be purchased with free shipping from most online retailers. Find the Vibram Five Fingers Sprint in stock via the Store or subscribe by email to inventory alerts.

Looking for something else? Try one of these other Vibram Five Fingers models:

Of course, there are other barefoot shoes worth checking out!

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