Comment from: Josue [Visitor]  

Killer post, man! Wow. So comprehensive......sheesh. If people don't get a feel for the Classics w/this post, the human race is in a tailspin. LOL!

04/05/10 @ 21:20
Comment from: Ryan [Visitor]  

I use my Classics everyday and at my High School. (only one that has them and many people want them.) They are my only pair for now i plan to buy some black KSOs in October when its starting to get cooler down here in FL.

-Side note my health teacher claimed they were not shoes because they didn't have soles. Well! one trip to the Principal's office and he loved them and told my teacher to back off. He's trying to take the leap and getting into a pair himself.

04/05/10 @ 21:43
Comment from: dirk [Visitor]

Hey man, why the US bias? They are available in denim-yellow, too, for as long as it lasts.

04/06/10 @ 09:16
Comment from: [Member]

Good point -- and if I had the time, I'd also do all the older colors for the record! Maybe I can still incorporate non-U.S. colors, too.

Not enough time in the day!

04/06/10 @ 10:31
Comment from: Paul [Visitor]  

This is a fantastic compiling of info on the classics they were my first pair last year and now I used KSOs because I like to do a good amount of trail running. On the topic of the aesthetics for men honestly the do look a bit odd looking down because they are reminiscent of womens slip on shoes but from other perspectives especially those of other people similar to what you said Justin they are foot gloves they are out of the ordinary to begin with

04/06/10 @ 12:30
Comment from: Jared [Visitor]

I'd add that folks planning on primarily running in vff's should look to the sprint or Kso. I love classics for casual wear, but always feel like they're about to spring off of my feet while running. I know they wouldn't, but the mental buzz is always there.
Great guide! I'm glad to see the cult of vibram growing...

04/06/10 @ 12:32
Comment from: August Kryger [Visitor]
August Kryger

I might add to the cons the possibility of initial blisters seems to be higher with the classic vs. the KSO or trek. I don't know why this is, but I developed behind-the-big-toe blisters early on with the classic and didn't get this same rub with the KSO. Don't know if anyone else had this experience, but that's what happened to me. Now that I'm broken into the shoes though, no blistering at all. Great guide, thanks for the info.

04/06/10 @ 12:45
Comment from: [Member]


I generally would agree though there have been some great successes of running in Classics -- the barefoot running + carry your Classics along combo is also a winner!


Interestingly enough, the blister con on Classics for the top of foot rubbing reminds me of a con for the KSO that I need to add (need to add both) -- the KSOs have a lot more seams in them than the Classics, which can cause hotspots/blistering.

Can't win! That is, unless the Bikila is seamless!

04/06/10 @ 12:52
Comment from: Jacob (ElGiganteJake) [Visitor]
Jacob (ElGiganteJake)

With both the classics and KSOs in my VFF collection, the classics have become my primary wear not just for everyday wear but also for running.

1) There is less too them so there are less areas to "rub" you wrong.
2) It is easier to buy and wear "tighter" fitting classics then it is KSOs. My KSOs that fit very well as my first VFF pair are now too loose to run comfortably in for more then a 5k. Never an issue with my classics.
3) Classics dry out very fast if you are trail running and do any water crossing. This is a huge benefit to avoid moisture created hot spots.

I still keep my KSOs for cold day wear, but my classics are my primary wear. Besides, black classics go with anything. :)

04/06/10 @ 13:32
Comment from: Ashley [Visitor]

I have never wanted a pair of shoes (and I use that term loosely) as much as I want these!!!

01/13/11 @ 22:38
Comment from: kms [Visitor]

I don't know if anyone will respond, this is an old thread but I haven't found any further info anywhere else yet.
I just bought my first pair of sprints, I have been wearing KSOs. My KSOs are roomy in a womens 39, so I tried the sprint 39 and 40. The 40 was obviously too big, looked goofy on my feet. The 39's are tight on top of the foot a little bit, but the rest fits great. The material looks like it will have give over time so I purchased them. Has anyone else run into this? Does the material indeed give a little over time and use? I hope so.

09/23/11 @ 12:54
Comment from: Kel [Visitor]

I noticed that, at the toe end at least, the classics have a thicker sole than on the sprints.

anyone know what the deal is there?

11/23/11 @ 08:02

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