Comment from: andrew Harwood [Visitor]
andrew Harwood

Wow great comprehensive list of reviews for all the shoes. I like that you split up the reviews by the shoe type. Great job.

03/23/10 @ 13:48
Comment from: Glenn Scheyhing [Visitor]  
Glenn Scheyhing

Got a call yesterday (03/24) from the local shoe store about the arrival of a large batch of backordered Five Fingers. The owner said he made ten such calls. Within a few hours, I went, I sized, I paid, and I wore.
The first 24 hours seem great. But getting those pinky toes in sure causes me a tough time. I hope this learning "curve" straightens out fast.

03/25/10 @ 16:57
Comment from: Bryan Lee [Visitor]
Bryan Lee

Finally, I found a site that gives me all the reviews and lovers of VFF :)

This information is certainly very useful esp. when I am looking to change to Vff :)

03/26/10 @ 01:09

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