Comment from: [Member]

Minus the whole grass poking you though the holes this shoe looks pretty great.

A little shoe goo in the drainage holes should fix the issue about it poking you in the feet.

I think I might pick up a pair and try to seal up the holes. If they were not there this looks close to a pair of FiveFingers.

I am impressed they are so flexible. Props to Body Glove for making them as flexible as they are.

04/30/12 @ 12:00
Comment from: Cody r. [Visitor]
Cody r.

No, the grass poking through is actually a good thing and this actually surprised the hell outta me

Better ground feel than a kso, pretty flexible, a tad warmer...and FIFTY BUCKS
Wow, I may give these a look after my neos are done

How light are these babies?

04/30/12 @ 14:17
Comment from: Stan [Visitor]

Great review...Thanks Justin. I might give these a try one day especially since the price is very reasonable. That and I find that my little toe gets sore if I run too far in my VFFs. maybe if it's pocketed along with two of other toes, it might feel better? or maybe I'm landing too much on the lateral side of my foot and I need to adjust my form...

04/30/12 @ 14:55
Comment from: Mr. Leigh [Visitor]
Mr. Leigh

Interesting. I used to have a body glove pair of water shoes back in my youth. I might use these for something like that, but likely not for everyday wear. Previous ones I owned had mesh in between the sole and the foot bed to prevent things from poking through. I am not a fan of black and yellow like that. It seems that every water shoe I have seen comes in that basic color. Is there some sort of significance to that color scheme that I am unaware of?

04/30/12 @ 14:56
Comment from: Yeti [Visitor]

Well, I hope the next step will be someone eventually producing a non-toed shoe BUT with the same toebox shape as VFF

04/30/12 @ 15:44
Comment from: Steve [Visitor]

Looks like you can order a pair from Brookstone for $40 already.

04/30/12 @ 16:17
Comment from: Sticky Toez [Visitor]  
Sticky Toez

These look pretty sweet. I just may have to pick up a pair. Thanks for the review.

04/30/12 @ 17:53
Comment from: Tyler [Visitor]  

@Mr.Leigh- The black/yellow color scheme is the most prominent color combo ever. There have been studies that have concluded that the black/yellow combo is the most visually appealing combo out there. These shoes look good, my VFF's are looking a bit worn out and for $50 who can beat that price?

04/30/12 @ 19:37
Comment from: A C C [Visitor]

I don't see the point of 3 toes. Sure, there's two dorsal interossei muscles on the second toe, but they're nothing major and all the 2nd to fifth toes are connected by extensor digitorum brevis muscle. I'd go either 2 or 5 since if you look at the muscles of the foot, there is a separation between the big toe and the other toes and a bigger muscle for the big toe (abductor hallucis / extensor hallucis brevis). Four toes seems like a way to circumvent VFF copyrights and patents, but then most people's pinky toe don't spread much at the start of wearing VFFs.

I also don't see the point of wearing something with large holes on the bottom unless they're for swimming.

They did do sole thickness right though. It seems like a 3 toed version of the Altra Adam/ VFF classic.

Having rubber on the front of the toe is preferable with stretchy uppers since if you stub your toe with a fabric upper it hurts.

The price isn't anything special also. For $40 you can get VFF Classics/Sprints/KSOs on sale or a pair of Zems.

04/30/12 @ 22:03
Comment from: David [Visitor]

very cool! looks like a well made shoe for a great starting price. I'd much rather have those than Skele-Toes. I gave my ST's away but will always keep my VFF's.

04/30/12 @ 23:36
Comment from: Wiley [Visitor]

Any comments on sizing? I would like to pick up a pair and check them out as reef/rock booties for surfing, but I tend to wear an 11.5 (or 44 in Vibrams). Normally with surf booties I go 11 because they fill up with water and stretch, but I worry about toe-shoes that are too short (having suffered through that with an old initial pair of Vibram sprints). Am I better off going smaller (to accommodate water fill/stretch), or larger (to avoid discomfort)? Thoughts?

05/01/12 @ 12:29
Comment from: [Member]


Intended to put that in there ... not sure how I missed it. So I'm normally a 10.5 standard. I wear size 43 VFFs (across all models, basically). These 3Ts were size 10 and fit just fine on my feet --I think the lack of rigid toe ends probably makes it easier to size them right, but the three-in-one design could be an issue if you get too big a pair (reduced adherence to your foot).

05/01/12 @ 13:25
Comment from: Ted_S [Visitor]

Justin -- regarding your observation of it being unusual to experience "having pressure . . . between the second and third toes": it looks like the toe pocket for the second toe is unusually deep on the little toe side. I don't think these would work at all on my feet: the area between my second and third toes extends foreward quite a lot of that between the big toe and second toe. I'd be taking the brunt of impact between the second and third toes if I were walking or running downhill.

The concept of having less than five toes makes sense to me. My two smallest toes only extend about halfway into VFF toe pockets. A friend of mine tried VFF and his little toe didn't make it into the toe pocket at all.

I'd be happiest with a toe shoe that had toe pockets that matched my own toes, but a design that put the two smallest toes in one pocket could be a second choice. That could be better than having the small toe pocket hanging limply.

05/01/12 @ 22:41
Comment from: Jeremy Clarke [Visitor]  
Jeremy Clarke

Wow another incredibly informative and well thought-out review, thanks! This site is exactly what I needed, I just wish I'd found it earlier in my research. Great photography too by the way, it really brings the subjects alive.

I'm in the tragic camp of people for whom VFFs just don't work. I tried them on and at the size where my big toe fit in the pocket my two smallest toes were pretty much unable to reach their slots (I got some Trail Gloves as a compromise). Something like these 3-toes sounds like it could make a huge difference for my sloping feet, now I just need to find somewhere in Montreal to try them on!

05/03/12 @ 16:33
Comment from: patrick_dallas [Visitor]

I love this website. Very informative to those of us who are fairly new to the minimalist running scene. The VFFs are great for those individuals who are looking for a bit of protection and whose feet can fit anatomically. I know that Fila is getting alot of hate but in my honest opinion, I feel they make a pretty decent transition shoe. not the the first pair they put out but rather the nike free/skeletoe hybrid. i find it funny that people on your site ridicule Fila so much for the 4 toe design ( i am strictly talking about the toe pockets and not the heel to toe drop/ cushioning )but are seem to be so in favor of the 3 toe design from body glove. still scratching my head over the hate. i have all three shoe styles. vff speed and kso. fila skeletoes. and the body glove. i like all of them for their particular design. some for serious runs and others for casual wear. maybe responses after personally testing wouldnt be so out of place for the keyboard commandos? great job justin, look forward to your reviews in the future.

05/20/12 @ 17:05
Comment from: JC [Visitor]

I saw them yesterday at Famous Footwear in Ballwin, MO. $34.95 plus I have a $15 coupon. At 20 bucks, you bet I'll try them. I have the same issue as Jeremy Clark.

05/28/12 @ 10:24
Comment from: Jeremy Clarke [Visitor]
Jeremy Clarke

For anyone curious I actually gave up on pining for some VFFs, went to Mountain Equipment Co-op here in Montreal and tried on pairs until I found one that fit. I somehow managed to be a 26 (12 normally) which surprised the salespeople and restricted my options to KSO or KomodoSport. Ended up going for the Komodo's because they felt like they hung on to the rest of my foot better at that size than the others. Ultimately I think my real problem is that my feet are just really LONG especially my left big toe, so by the time the VFFs are big enough to hold that one toe, the back of my foot has too much space.

The first couple runs in the Komodo's gave me bad blisters, but I found a loose string in the spot that was rubbing and cut it out, so hopefully after the blister heals they'll be comfortable #fingerscrossed

05/28/12 @ 14:24
Comment from: nicholas [Visitor]

can i use these for hiking

09/16/12 @ 02:56
Comment from: William [Visitor]

After reading this whole article yesterday I went to Costco and bought the bodygloves. There 20$ base price at Cosco

02/07/13 @ 19:40
Comment from: Victor [Visitor]

Thank you for the review and for this very well thought-out site. Like William above, I also purchased a pair at Costco. I tried them on when I got home and found that there is a thick, trapezoid-shaped seam that is right below and follows the gray material on the saddle of the shoe (as shown in the first image above). I found that the seam was tight against the top of my foot, and rubbed against the foot as I walked on dry terrain for about ten minutes to try the shoes out. I would imagine that this could be an issue since the seam almost saws against the foot as one moves around, and this could be worse if the skin gets softer when wet at the beach, etc. I am new to shoes with individual toes, so I don't have a frame of reference nor know whether this is common. I would imagine that this could have been avoided if they lined the saddle/tongue area of the shoe with a continuous sheet of fabric or otherwise smoothly covered the seam on the inside... Can you please comment on whether this is a common occurrence with this type of shoe, and/or what other shoes (if any) do not have this issue? Thanks again.

03/11/13 @ 10:11
Comment from: ugo [Visitor]

Just find out that they release a new model with laces and it looks so much better in my opinion...and at this price, i will give these a try for sure!

04/16/13 @ 20:20
Comment from: Josh Audette [Visitor]
Josh Audette

I've had my pair for about a month now and I love 'em!

So far my favourite thing is I can wear (normal) socks with these if I want. I work all day in an office and quickly learned that if I wear these for 8 hours straight on bare feet they get smelly.

These are my only shoes this summer. I don't know if minimalist shoe aficionados wear theirs all the time / everywhere but that's my plan and so far it's working out fantastically!

You might think socks are contrary to the minimalist shoe philosophy (greater agility, more natural feel) and they are. Socks are a compromise between minimalist shoe advantages and stinky shoes.

Socks are also optional. When I bike to work I wear my 3Ts on bare feet. When I get to work I don my socks. Socks are compact and light.


So far the one disadvantage to these shoes is that the drainage holes mean your foot gets wet if you step in a puddle. Then again, your foot gets dry quick thanks to the holes also, so it's more of a "surprise!" feeling than a real concern.

I've heard from some reviews that the metal mesh doesn't last long. Mine are already starting to go, so I believe it. I hope the shoe will still work well without the mesh bits.

06/13/13 @ 09:39
Comment from: Hence singleton [Visitor]
Hence singleton

Would like to know if anyone had ant knee pain with these shoes

06/15/13 @ 21:56
Comment from: BetaDnB [Visitor]

You're skinfold caliper is probably right. I've been wearing zero drop (or zero period) shoes (nothing other) for almost three years so imagine my sensitivity to anything different at this point. I tried a pair of these on last weekend and could instantly tell there was an ever so slight heel to toe drop...probably that of 1mm.

06/25/13 @ 12:36
Comment from: Quenton [Visitor]

I've been wearing this model of shoe for over a year and a half. And I'm on my second pair. Since I'm notably rough on shoes and rarely find a pair that last more that three months I can attest to their quality. I've used them as running hiking, biking, water, and casual shoes. They have delivered most people have mentioned the holes negatively. they actually aren't to bad, my biggest issue I had with them was if I stepped on a half inch stick it would poke me a bit regardless of the sole. But that was only a problem for the first six months or so. I also made the mistake of getting shoes to big for me when I got my first pair. My current pair has been worlds better. As for price they are worth the $50 I spent. The only times I don't wear them is formal events and when I need something sturdy like work boots.

07/14/13 @ 22:02
Comment from: Michael [Visitor]  

I'm an avid water sports guy, and having a water shoe that is flat but also allows good water circulation was key. I've tried the five fingers, KSO & Komodo Sports, for a few summers but was left disappointed. Walking around in the water with the VFF was fine and worked well. However, when it came to swimming with them on they would always fill up with water. This would cause either my pinky toe or both my pinky and 4th toe to slid out of the toe slot which is very uncomfortable and frustrating.

So this summer I bought not this pair but the Body Glove Barefoot Warrior. This shoe has worked surprisingly well while swimming. I really like the three toe concept and almost prefer it over the VFF. I wouldn't want to go on a hike with these but to wear while fishing, canoeing, a wading/swimming in the water works great. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good water shoe.

My only complaint is that where I live walking in the river near the bank is quite muddy. These tend to allow quite a bit of mud to get up inside your shoe through the mesh on the bottom, after several kicks in the water they flush out but sometimes not 100%. Leaving a gritty feeling in the shoe that could cause the shoe to be somewhat abrasive rubbing your foot raw.

08/27/13 @ 15:40
Comment from: alex [Visitor]

Maybe both fila and body glove considered the motor innervation of the toes (nerves attached to the muscles) and the muscles moving the toes when they made their versions of barefoot shoes. Try fl3xing and extending your toes and try to feel or palpate the tendons to appreciate what Im talking about.But the problem with fila is that it is not as flexible as the vff or bglove.

03/02/14 @ 18:41
Comment from: Bill Herr [Visitor]  
Bill Herr

The next evolutionary step I have been waiting for is that the soles be made conductive to facilitate grounding my body to the earth. Google earthing to learn more about the benefits of this activity. Suffice to say it is why a walk in wet grass or along a beach is so good.

II run at low tine on a sandy beach. I avoid getting wet I'm my VFF as the water sloshes and he shoes get funky fast. am going to give these a try. The holes in the sole will allow the connection to the salt water. A bit concerned about the sand. Anyone have experience with this I noted the river mud comment above.

The ultimate would be for Vibram to incorporate the well established technology used for ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Control in the electronics world, into their rubber.

04/27/14 @ 03:25
Comment from: J.T. [Visitor]  

I am very disenchanted that Adidas appears to have discontinued their barefoot shoes (aka. adipure barefoot trainers 1.0 and adipure barefoot trainers 1.1) Hopefully they will reconsider. The Fut Gloves appear to fall apart, both the Bob Marleys and the Strap ons. I like a little surface between my feet and for all my toes to be separated. Both the 3 Toed (Body Glove) and 4 Toed (Skeletoes from Fila) do not meet the criteria. I hope I can still find some adipure barefoot shoes in circulation.
By the way, Adidas adipure barefoot 1.1 were more flexible than their first ones. Perhaps Adidas might sell their patent give some else the adipure design if Adidas does not want to bother.

02/05/15 @ 22:00
Comment from: Corey Cohen [Visitor]
Corey Cohen

Hi Justin,
Coming a bit late to the discussion but, just a quick ask to see how well these 3T Barefoots "compress down"? I want them to put in a bike jersey pocket(s), to take on a tour and to be able to quickly switch to them from bike shoes.
Corey Cohen

07/07/15 @ 20:48
Comment from: Nobody of Import [Visitor]
Nobody of Import

@J.T : I strongly suspect that Adidas dropped the shoe line because they got sued like Vibram did.

Biggest bitch I have about Vibram's suit (and I can't say I blame them...) was the CLEAR show of NON-Judicial conduct by their judge. No scientific proof? Hardly. But the moment you get a refusal like that you have to ask yourself if it's worth all the appeals or to just settle at that point.

10/12/15 @ 16:13

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