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Spring 2013 Vibram FiveFingers

A first look at the new Vibram FiveFingers for Spring/Summer 2013 including the FiveFingers El-X, Entrada, Alitza, Maiori, Signa, and TrekSport Sandal.

With water-resistant Vibram FiveFingers and the SeeYa LS on tap for Fall 2012, Vibram is already thinking ahead to Spring and Summer of 2013! What might we expect at the bleeding edge of toe shoes technology early next year, you ask? How about some watersports-focused Vibrams? Or how about updated versions of the Classic and Sprint models? Want a FiveFingers sandal? Want to see the Europe-only FiveFingers Sorrento make it’s way across the pond? If you can respond “yes” to any or all of these questions, you’re in luck because all these options are on tap for early 2013 — that is, if you want them — and that’s where you actually get to help drive the future of FiveFingers. How? Read on! Vibram has asked to provide a sneak peak of the 2013 Spring and Summer FiveFingers line with the specific hope of having you, the readers, provide feedback on what you think about these new model designs! How will this work? Well, it’s pretty much as easy as sharing what models you like via popular social services you’re already using — Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ (Sorry LinkedIn!). There are share buttons tied to each new model below that allow you to effectively “vote” what you like. Just share whatever it is you’re digging and help shape the future of Vibram FiveFingers! Meanwhile, comment away in the comment section if you have specific thoughts you’d like to make known. So what’s to like in 2013? Plenty. Below are listed all the upcoming Vibram FiveFingers models slated to release for Spring/Summer 2013 (note: you can see what Vibram FiveFingers are coming Fall 2012 by looking here). In each linked sub-article you’ll find photos, official descriptions, and the corresponding like/share/pin buttons.  

New Vibram FiveFingers for Spring 2013


Vibram FiveFingers El-X (men’s only)

Official Product Description::

The EL-X is a thin, breathable and lightweight shoe perfect for low impact and light fitness activities. Our 3mm TC-1 rubber outsole provides slip resistance and great ground feedback while the EVA insole provides plating protection and comfort. The breathable mesh upper with stretch fabric external support ensures a snug yet flexible fit. PU toe protection and durable Coconut Active Carbon between the toes allows the shoe to double in its appeal to both casual wearers and first timers alike. Machine Washable. Air Dry.

About the El-X Sole:

El-X Colorways:

BirthdayShoes’ Take:

If you could mash-up the original FiveFingers Classic (Which is rapidly going the way of the dodo) and the incredibly popular KSO, you might get the Vibram FiveFingers El-X. The El-X is billed as being for “casual fitness” or “multi-use.” While it’s not billed for running, I see no immediate reason it couldn’t be used in that way. The El-X is undoubtedly what FiveFingers inventor Robert Fliri was holding up and talking about in this video interview seen here a couple weeks back. Fliri had this to say about them in that Q&A:
So it’s always trying to stay on the functional side … this is just function. It’s really flexible due to all the lines. It creates a good grip as it has many, many small edges to work on. It still has enough surface to uh guarantee a good grip on slick conditions and the best thing for me is that it’s really thin. I don’t tell you the thickness because I don’t want it copied before it goes to the market but it’s thin.
Just how thin is the Vibram rubber sole on the El-X? I’m hearing 3mm (plus another 2mm of EVA — the same as what you get with the KSO). 3mm in sole thickness is .5mm less than the original, razor-siped FiveFingers sole. Of course, unlike that original sole, the El-X sole has a more grooved mold, which would reduce the total rubber in them and reduce weight. Perhaps they even improve the sole malleability (despite the addition of EVA). The El-X looks like it might be the lightest men’s Vibram FiveFingers to date, even lighter than the SeeYa. This is due to the reduced rubber in the sole, the loss of the bungee, and the use of what looks like a super mesh-like upper (similar to the SeeYa?). It’s the EVA and the extra instep coverage of the upper that makes me think of the El-X as a mash-up of the KSO with the Classic. Meanwhile, the El-X lacks any bungee cord or strap to keep the FiveFingers in place on your foot. Looks like there are these external “bands” that help on that front. I am incredibly excited about this new model. I’ve been wanting a reboot of the Classic for some time and while I doubt I’ll be able to put these on without using my hands like the original, they still should be super easy to slip on and off. The extra foot coverage should eliminate the exposed, oft-considered-feminine aesthetic of the Classic, too, lending it a wider appeal. What do you think? Like’em? Do you think you might grab the El-X as your first pair of toe shoes if you were new to the market? What about as your 10th pair? If you dig the El-X, share using the buttons below. Thoughts or comments, go here.

Vibram FiveFingers Maiori

Official Product Description::

The Maiori is an update to our popular water sports model, the Flow. Suited for more intense water activities and with added ankle protection, the Maiori performs in the toughest water sports environments. The neoprene upper provides a secure and warm fit, while the pull-tab and adjustable straps allow for easy entry and adjustability. The high top construction helps keep sand and debris out when walking in the swell. A 3.2mm TC-1 flat textured sole provides the perfect balance of excellent grip and board feel. Lastly, the connected fourth and fifth toe ensures additional protection. Machine Washable. Air Dry.

About the Maiori Sole:

Maiori Colorways:

The two colorways are available for both men and women

BirthdayShoes’ Take

It’s interesting that Vibram opted to update the Flow with the FiveFingers Maiori model (Maiori is an island off the Amalfi coast of Italy). I say that because I never got the impression that, outside of it’s use as a way to run in colder weather, the Flow was all that popular — mind, watersports make a ton of sense with Vibram FiveFingers and I’ve gone whitewater rafting with my Flows and they performed admirably. If you’ve been around the FiveFingers world long enough, I’m sure the Maiori will also remind you of the Surge as the Surge was very similar to the Flow, but with added neoprene up the ankle. I personally don’t consider myself the right use-case for these FiveFingers, but I am intrigued by their sole. It’s apparently about 3.2mm thick and reminiscent of the old FiveFingers Moc and Performa soles. Meanwhile, the Maiori connects the littlest two toe pockets to protect the littlest toe (Note: while this is evocative of the Skeletoes single toe pocket for the littlest two toes, it’s a bit different in that here it looks like each toe still gets a separate “home”). What do you think about the Maiori? Have a need for some insulated water-related toe shoes? What would be your use case? If you dig the Maiori, share it by using the buttons below. Thoughts or comments, go here.

Vibram FiveFingers Signa

Official Product Description:

Whether kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding or simply walking the rocky shores all summer, the FiveFingers Signa is the shoe for you. The segmented Coral outsole made of Vibram performance rubber ensures ultimate grip and protection in the water and allows natural foot flexion when swimming. Small perforations in the sole encourage water drainage, minimize weight, and speed up drying time. The upper is built with a combination of synthetic and abrasion resistant fabrics to protect the foot. The Signa is finished off with a structural hook-and-loop strap for a secured fit. Machine Washable. Air Dry.

About the Signa Sole:

Signa Colorways:

One colorway (all black) available for both men and women

BirthdayShoes’ Take

Like the Maiori above, the Vibram Signa is another watersports-focused toe shoe, though perhaps one geared for more general use as it lacks the neoprene upper, which should make it breath a little better (though not be insulated). Unlike the Maiori, the Signa doesn’t connect the littlest two toes. It also has a different sole. What’s neat about the Signa sole is that is two separate pieces of Vibram rubber — one at the forefoot and one at the heel. The sole under the arch is fabric of some sort. Also, not unlike the BodyGlove 3T Barefoot, the Signa has perforations in the sole to allow it to drain water. What do you think about the Signa? If you had to pick between the Signa and the Maiori, which would you choose? How would you use them? If you dig the Signa, share it using the buttons below. Thoughts or comments, go here.

Vibram FiveFingers Entrada (women’s only)

Official Product Description:

A sleek take on our original classic, the Entrada is the perfect choice for those seeking a minimalist option. Built for light fitness activities and casual use, this shoe uses an intricately designed 3.5mm TC-1 rubber outsole. This sole provides slip resistance and great ground feedback while protecting the foot. The EVA insole provides a bit of plating protection, and the mesh upper breathes while soft against the skin. Coconut Active Carbon fabric between the toes and PU printing on top provides durability without sacrificing flexibility. Machine Washable. Air Dry.

About the Entrada Sole:

Entrada Colorways:

BirthdayShoes’ Take

The Vibram FiveFingers Entrada looks like a straight reboot of the Classic — though it’s only being made for women (or small footed men!). It also looks to have a lot in common with the Alitza (talked about below). It also looks like the Entrada will be replacing the Fresca FiveFingers, which were released Spring of 2012. For the males who wonder why they get the El-X as a Classic reboot while women get the Entrada (and Alitza!), I’ll just say that from everything I’ve observed here at BirthdayShoes HQ, women were just bigger buyers of both the Classic and the Sprint whereas men tended to go for more foot coverage. I know, I know, you love Classics (or Sprints) — I do, too, which is why I’m sad both models are disappearing — but anyway, there are reasons for these descisions, even if we don’t like them. Back on the Entrada. You’ll note the sole is not unlike the El-X sole except the Entrada/Alitza sole actually has a bit more thickness to it — the old VFF standard 3.5mm. The Entrada also has the 2mm EVA midsole, another Vibram “sweetspot” (so far as I’ve guessed) for compromising between more ground feel and less comfort over terrain like gravel. The Entradas (like the El-X) are geared towards casual wear and fitness. Note the Entrada uses a mesh-like upper and is incredibly lightweight. I’m liking how Vibram is hoping to push out five colorways of the Entrada (and as a guy, a little jealous of having so many options). For the women out there, what do you think ? Is there a place in your five-toed footwear line-up for an open-topped, ultra-minimalist pair of FiveFingers? If you like the Entrada, share it using the buttons below. Thoughts or comments, go here.

Vibram FiveFingers Alitza (women’s only)

Official Product Description::

Built for today’s active lifestyle, the Alitza is a cool, casual crossover, providing a fashionable look for everyday urban activities. The transparent mesh upper is soft and comfortable against the skin, while the elastic straps ranging across the instep enhance style, comfort and fit during fitness activities. The 3mm TC-1 rubber outsole allows for superior ground feel while providing slip resistance and flexibility. Micro suede accents provide upper structure, while the straps help hold the shoe firmly against the foot. Machine Washable. Air Dry.

About the Alitza Sole:

Alitza Colorways:

BirthdayShoes’ Take

The Vibram FiveFingers Alitza with it’s Mary Jane-like straps over the top of the foot make me think they’re a reboot of the original Sprint FiveFingers and like the Entrada it’s only being made for women (or small footed men!). I hashed it out above, but my hunch is this is due to women being the primary buyers of the Sprint model, which would explain why Vibram would design a Sprint-like replacement in the Alitza geared directly towards women. Also like the Entrada, the Alitza is focused on a multi-use casual or fitness application. If you got them, how would you use them? For the women out there, what are your thoughts on the Alitza? Dig the laced up style (I think it’s great, personally)? Would you go Alitza or Entrada (or both)? If you dig the Alitza, share it using the buttons below. Thoughts or comments, go here.

Vibram FiveFingers TrekSport Sandal

Official Product Description::

Breathable but protective, the TrekSport Sandal is the perfect shoe for your weekend excursion. The lightly cleated 4mm Trek outsole made with Vibram TC-1 Dura rubber delivers increased traction on a variety of surfaces. The padded tongue and synthetic upper with “windows” makes this the most breathable and versatile FiveFinger to date. Other features include a speed lace system, reflective surfaces and an EVA midsole for plating protection. From light hiking to hitting the links, the TrekSport Sandal is bound to make you feel more connected to any activity, making it the perfect multi-use FiveFingers model. Machine Washable. Air Dry.

About the Treksport Sandal Sole:

Treksport Sandal Colorways:

Predominantly black version only available to men; Teal version only available to women; other two available to both)

BirthdayShoes’ Take

The FiveFingers TrekSport Sandals. What do we make of these? Let’s start with the obvious. For one, they’re built on the now “classic” Trek sole, which is probably the most prolific Vibram sole to date. Why is the Trek sole so popular? I like them well enough but my only guess is that they’re easy to build on and fairly popular. Of course, now that the Spyridon sole is available (see the Spyridon LS or the laceless Spyridon), one wonders why we’re not seeing more Spyridon soles. Regardless, the big question about these is: why a sandal? And while in the official description cites these as the “most breathable and versatile FiveFinger to date,” I can’t help but think, “How could it be more breathable than a pair of Sprints?” I also wonder about using them light trekking, would there be an issue of things getting inside the shoes (and not getting out)? I actually like the idea of a super minimalist FiveFingers sandal, but I’m imagining something that uses straps for the upper (the toe pockets would still have to exist somehow). I’d not have guessed the first FiveFingers sandal would look more like a Keen than a pair of huaraches. I’m on the fence on these — it’s just hard to imagine a first-run VFF sandal simply by looking at a photo. I’m certainly curious about how the TrekSport Sandals would function. Maybe they would be super breathable. Who knows! If you dig the TrekSport Sandal, share it using the buttons below. Thoughts or comments, go here.

Vibram FiveFingers Sorrento (men’s only) — long-shot release for the U.S.!

Official Product Description:

Great for traveling, light walking or casual wear, the Sorrento is an ideal choice for the FiveFingers® enthusiast who wants to enjoy a barefoot experience while relaxing. The leather upper is perforated for breathability and has an elastic gore at the topline for a secure fit. Completely lined in leather, it feels smooth and comfortable against your skin.

About the Sorrento sole:

BirthdayShoes’ Take:

About a year ago I got a pre-production pair of the FiveFingers Sorrento. It wasn’t long thereafter when I learned they weren’t slated for U.S. production (Actually, for awhile I didn’t think they were going to be produced at all, anywhere), which is why I never reviewed them. Then Vibram went and made them — available for sale in Europe. What I can tell you is that I have really enjoyed the Sorrento FiveFingers. They pair really well with a pair of jeans and can be dressed up a bit or down for casual wear. What more, they’re comfortable and are suede on the outside and a smooth leather on the inside (excepting the footbed, which is a canvas material). As for the soles, the toe pockets are completely separated allowing for an enormous amount of toe dexterity. As a toe shoe you can wear all day casually, the Sorrentos are a compelling option. I’d actually liken them to Birkenstock clogs, my favorite footwear of old. What else can I say? You either will appreciate the Sorrento’s aesthetic, which I personally feel is a little hard to “get” fully from the stock photos, or you don’t see the point. What’s your take? If you have been hoping to grab the Sorrentos ever since you first laid eyes on them a year ago, you’ve got to share it using the buttons below. It’s a serious long-shot that these will come to the U.S. By comparison, the Capris mentioned a few weeks ago — don’t expect those in the U.S. any time soon, but with the Sorrentos there’s a chance, albeit small, so if you like them, rise up! Thoughts or comments, go here.

That’s a wrap … for now!

So what’s your take? Dig what’s on tap for 2013 from Vibram FiveFingers? What’s missing that you keep hoping they’ll produce? Let’s hear it in the comments. Also, please share this post — the more folks who get in on weighing in on these 2013 FiveFingers models, the better the feedback for Vibram, and the better our options will be either in the Spring and Summer or even later in Fall 2013 and beyond! Finally, if you want to stay on top of what’s new in the minimalist/”barefoot” shoes community, there’s no better way than by subscribing by email to!

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144 replies on “Spring 2013 Vibram FiveFingers”

Capris for sure! Some new mens classics, sprints and ksos would be nice too. It looks like that new sole would work out fine with them.

Okay, I can see the benefit to an updated watersport Vibram, but I’m not excited that it seems like they’ve focused two models on it. Also, the looks of the sandal model reminds me of a Teva, which is not what I would want my Vibrams to look like.

The reboot of the classic is a good start, but it’s available for women only, when there are plenty of men on here hoping something like that will be available for them, and consistently bring it up in comments. Personally, I only wanted to see one Vibram available here in 2013, and that was the Grado. So for the 2013 lineup, I’m not seeing anything I absolutely have to have. :/ Which is a first since I started wearing Vibrams.

Bah. I’ve got small feet but I’d vastly prefer the El-X to the women’s “equivalents.” The Entrada and the Alitza are way too girly for me, especially since I like bright colors and the lady bright colors are always so…girly. I am SO jealous of the men’s colorways. For instance I lust after the green spyridons but I am a size 39. Personally I wish there were more androgynous colorways in the women’s sizes besides black or grey.

BUMMER!! Now I have to put money aside for at least 2 Entrada colors and 2 Alitzas also!! Thought I was done buying but they are really cute…

I’d buy the El-X and I’m intrigued by the Signa… not sure about any of the others.

Really intensely dislike the Maiori, but mostly because the styling and the two attached toes make it seem like a knock-off of the Skeletoes, which almost just seems like pandering on Vibram’s part. (It’s a knock-off of a knock-off? KNOCKOFFCEPTION. :D) That’s mostly an aesthetic thing though… I don’t have any real sane objections to it. 😀 I also dislike the idea of the Treksport Sandal for basically the same reasons you stated… I don’t see the point and for being a sandal it also looks much more built-up than the normal Vibram, not much of a minimalist look about it. (You’re spot-on with the Keens comparison.)

I’m not sure I’m their target audience though really; I own 3 pairs of VFFs but two of them are KSOs and the other is a pair of Treksports I only recently got, so it’s not like I’m on the cutting edge with buying the latest models. 😀 Sounds like I need to finally get myself some Classics and Sprints before they go the way of the dodo, though…

Hmm…I’m looking at the Signa’s, I’ve been wanting a good pair of water VFF’s and I felt the Flow sole was a bit to slick on some surfaces when wet. I considered ordering a pair of flow trek’s from overseas but never had the money. I was also looking at the Lontra’s, and I like the look of the Maori. I would probably lean towards the Signa’s because most of my use cases I wouldn’t need the insulation, and the flexibility of the split sole while swimming would be nice. Although I may pick up a pair of Lontra’s when they come out in the fall, and then consider a pair of signa’s if/when released next year.

I would like the entradas in Men’s sizes! I’m very sad to see the Classics disappear, the el-x are too closed in the upper.

LOVING the EL-X and Signa, just not too crazy about the color choices.

I might get some Maiori’s for Scuba/Snorkel if they don’t cost an arm and a leg.
The Maiori makes me a little sad, though-
when I look at that sole, all I can see are my beloved (and long gone) Mocs 🙁

Also, the “merged toes” of the Maiori are *not* merged in the same way skeletoes are-
they aren’t a single toe pocket, put the two pockets are stitched together.

I strongly suspect their inspiration was not Skele-toes, but rather Alpinestars Racing Gloves,
which sport a similar feature for the two smallest fingers
(Alpinestars is another Italian company very near Vibram, so I could totally see this).

Personally, my favorite so far is the KSO Treksport in leather. It’s discontinued, unfortunately, but the comfort level of that shoe has to be experienced to be appreciated.

I have more than one pair of Vibrams, and they all rock, but that leather Treksport is unbelievable. I hope there is a comparable one in the future.

I am ruined for hiking shoes now. I’ll never hike in anything else again.

Love the EL-X and the Signa

Unfortunatly since I have smaller feet and since vibram are only making the EL-X in mens sizes I probably won’t be able to get a pair (always my luck with vibram).

EL-X. It will be the only one. I like how they contoured the outsole. We’ll see if it affects how the shoe fits.

I believe the Signa will be perfect for Kayaking. The breathability of the upper combined with the drain holes in the sole will be great for the occasional portage or swim. I believe the neoprene upper of the Maori will be to hot if used during the summer, unless your feet stay submerged all the time.

I would really like something with a super thin sole like the mocs, but dressy like the sorrento or capris. My feet have actually been hurting from the speeds due to the lack of ground feel. I went barefoot for a few years before I got my first pair of vibrams, the ksos actually, and havent’ found anything as good as the mocs, which are now discontinued. Less is more.

The new EX-L’s look great, I think my KSO’s will be in need of replacement by time they release; I will definitely purchase a pair. I like the fact they are using a more breathable mesh material than fabric like the Classics/KSO’s, hopefully this will help to reduce odor and heat.

I would definitely get the el-x in all black. I just hope that they will come in 38 for men. Short guys need love

AHH! Totally excited about the Alitza and Entrada. I think that the Alitza would be my ideal casual wear shoe, because of the added security of the (fashionable!) straps.

The Signa looks downright COOL. Imho, the best-looking in the whole VFF family.

Too bad the EL-X is only for men. 🙁 I would’ve liked a women’s version.

I hate to say it, but they are losing me a little. It seems like every new lineup is both a) stranger looking, and b) more specialized than the last. One thing I like about minimalism is the simplicity. I’m sure I’m in the minority on this site saying this, but I don’t want 10 or 20 pairs – I want one or two pairs that work well for everything. I still haven’t seen anything that beats the KSO. The El-X is the only one of this new bunch that is at all interesting, but I’d still prefer the KSO with it’s adjustable strap and less screamin’-loud design. I wouldn’t really mind, but they keep killing off the old ones to make way for these new ones (classic, sprint, KSO trek). I’m glad I’ve got a pair of KSOs and another of KSO treks that will hold up a lot longer.

First of all, it is great to let the target group have a word in new releases. I am thankful for that!

Secondly, I like the El-X, entrada and alitza, because they look like great base models/ replacements.
I think Vibram should stay true to simplicity. I would like to see the El-X for summer and winter, so different materials and colors.
Muted colors, insulation, weather resistance for the winter & light, bright colors, mesh for summer (love the grey orange seeya as summer model!)

The black one looks incredible, although I don’t like black I would buy them for under 90€.

For both the entrada and alitza, I would hit on a girl wearing either one of them!

The rest looks specialized, I think VFF are too specialized to be specialized, although it is hard to be simple when already specialized. chicken-egg.

Thanks everyone!

I feel like I am a bit late to the VFF party sometimes! I bought a pair of Bikilas for running this spring, and I love them and want pair of Classics so that I have something I can just slip into, but the available colorways are underwhelming. Right now Merrell Wonder Gloves fill that role, but they’re too pretty to get dirty! I would definitely get a pair of the Alitzas or Entrada, preferably both. Love the stripeyness of the Alitzas.

Really want a pair of the Signa. Currently recovering from 10 stitches in the bottom of my foot from stepping on something in the lake. Love my Bikila’s for running and now need something for the water.

I plan to get the EL-X in all black.

I really like the KSO, but I bike daily, and the KSO does not have enough grip for pedaling. So I end up wearing my treks even in really hot weather just for the bumpy outsole.
EL-X solves that problem.

Vibram is doing too much too soon, which ironically is one of the biggest mistake that people make when wearing their shoes. They’re flooding the market with more and more designs every six months, confusing their buyers and making it impossible to choose a shoe. Meanwhile they’re eliminating the Classic and Sprints, which are the purest examples of what made VFF’s so popular to being with.

The way they constantly pump out new models and new colors feels very Nike-esque. While I’ve been a huge supporter of the company, I find myself moving farther away from them lately, in favor of more simple minimalist shoes.

I would check out the Alitza’s. If they had black and the straps were comfortable it’d be a slam dunk. However, i agree simplicity i.e. classics, kso’s work the best for me.

What’s it going to take to get the sorrentos in the U.S. These are the only casual toe shoes that I have liked the looks of. Come on Vibram.

I am SO happy to see the El-X model appear – out of the 4 models I own my favorite is still my 4 pairs of Classics, and at the rate I like to wear them they will eventually have to be replaced. These look even cooler! I am also with Hank (visitor) – I would definitly purchase a few pairs of Entradas if they came in mens sizes…how about it, Vibram??

3 months ago I bought my 6th pair of Vibrams (wearing them for several years now 19th pair if you tally up the pairs I bought for my wife and kids).

It was the kimodo ls. Right at the 3 month mark the exterior sole (rubber) started separating from the shoes. I saw this same issue with the original Bikilas and at the time it was called a defect.

Now Vibram won’t acknowledge the defect, but all I really want from Vibram is to make toe shoes where the rubber doesn’t fall off. I think after $2k in shoes that isn’t too much to ask for from a long time customer. (Might be nice if they weren’t consistently jerks on twitter and facebook, but I’ll continue to put up with that if the product is good enough…)

As to the new styles, the sandals look cool for hiking, but in general the color schemes are (again) too dark and boring.

If I’m wearing toe shoes (and that is all I wear) I want my toes to stand out!

I could easily see the Maiori appealing to more than just water sports. Possible warmth pluses aside, the high ankle could allow people to wear it on beaches, or sand dunes, are anywhere dirt still finds it’s way into to other Vibrams shoes. There are also people out there who simply prefer high-ankle shoes. The focus may be water sports, but the Maiori could very well appeal to a much, MUCH broader audience.

great comments here!

I think this post and move by vibram is made to see if people like simplistic or specialized shoes…

it seems most people like the El-X!
I would love to see a collaboration with smartwool again, missed out on that and love merino wool!

I am with Brett Bumeter, the shoes should last longer, especially for the super high prices here in europe!!!

Another idea would maybe be to “snap on” different soles for activities, summer, winter.
Maybe that concept can be integrated seamless and elegant…

The “EL-X” is close…but no cigar to me.

I haven’t really been a fan of any of the new styles. Call me “old-fashioned” but they should at least keep the original models in steady rotation (at least new color combos please) in for those of us who want them. The Sprint-KSO-Classic-Flow soles seems to be the most minimalist and they also seem to be the most all around I’ve used.

It feels as if they’re slowly pulling away from minimal with every release. Not to mention some of the crazy color combos. I’m with Jimmy in that with the new models I’m slowly pulling away from wanting new VFF’s.

Too many models every year to keep track of. Bring back the original soles.

I’m really looking forward to the El-X (the orange/white/black) is very neat but throw some red in place of the orange — KILLER!

oh this is not what i would have expected. i wear vff for years now. and from the shown models above i dont like even one pair of. under some circumstances maybe the el-x. but with my splayfoot i guarantee you that i will wear through this sole in less than 2 month. i am sorry, but i am not enthuisastic by watching this preview. :-C

I must have these sorrentos!!!!! I LOVE the mocs I have, and am sad they discontinued them but I like that these have a more closed upper area than the moc . I feel like the other designs have been getting a little too deep space nine in the stylings. These have clean lines earthy tones. If the shoe is minimalist why try and make it look like the other goofy useless crap out there. stylizing te natural like frank lyod write is the way to go. I am soooo getting 2 of these(coffee and Tan?) when the come out.

i’m a fan of inconspicuous, so EL-X could very well fit the bill

i’m also a fan of leather footwear. i sure hope the sorrento has a leather footbed. helps control odors.

that’ll put me at a meager 6 pairs.

The Signa fills a longstanding and odd gap in the VFF line. When people stop and ask me about whatever pair of VFF I happen to be wearing, often they also ask about something to wear on the beach or for walking or hiking in warm and wet environments. There was no VFF shoe that was really tailered to this kind of environment.
Two years ago I purchased the Flow Trek for water use, but the neoprene stretched too easily to feel secure and the bit toe pocket didn’t stretch at all due to a plastic overwrap. Also, the neoprene is way too warm except in the water or in a very cold environment.

Seems like a KSO without the straps. Though if I were to go with a simple shoe I’d stick with my KSO or even my classic.

I love the design! What is up with the huge vibram logo? Overall though it seems interesting.

Love the looks on these as well. Looks like it would be great for mud running or putting on after a good swim. I would not swim with my vibrams though as it seems more natural to swim barefoot. If I had a choice, I’d choose the this.

Treksport Sandal
If I wanted these I would take my x-acto knife and make one myself from some existing VFF or make some huaraches.

I like the fact that Vibram has been more bold in their colors and prints lately. I feel that the Americans get cheated out of some crazy colors and are left with the more neutral boring colors…and how come there isn’t an all white treksport yet?

I really liked the environmentally friendliness of the smartwool classics, I am more of a fan of the original sole and groundfeel. Personally I haven’t found any of their new models exciting as they keep adding more and more eva foam. I honestly have no idea how people can transfer from classic sole to a treksport and not feel like they’re wearing baseball cleats.

I know Vibram is a soling company and makes money putting rubber on everything, but how about an all leather glove type one similar to a moccasin using vegetable tanned leather and organic sewing materials. An organic shoe would sell like hotcakes.

Or how about just a leather classic. I’d buy that. These thousands of similarish models with different take on same built up sole is backwards and I’ll echo another poster who said the brand is going the same way as the goddess of victory.

The only one that has my attention is the El-X because of it’s similarity to the Classic and SeeYa which are my favorites. However, if the Classic came back (please, not black/black) that’s where my money would be spent.

Made a long post, but the site disposed of it as possible spam.

Almost as lame as the majority of these gimmicky new designs. There’s a point to Maiori existing; not so much any of the others. Would have been better not to discontinue the older styles, imo.

I realy like the EL-X… But why only two colors? will end up buying the black ones only because the other is to crazy looking


Sorry the site killed your comment. Usually you can hit back and it’ll still be there but assuming it didn’t, well, regardless, sorry that happened. Frustrating.

Re: gimmicky designs — what makes them gimmicky? I’d classify the Entrada/Alitza/El-X as Classic/Sprint/KSO reboots. They look like they have a more minimalist rubber sole than the original that theoretically will offer more grip than the razor siping. Jury’s out for now.

I personally don’t have much use for the Signa or Maiori so I can’t really comment on them but I could see benefits of both. I never found waterlogged original VFFs to work very well, so I wonder if the Signa works much better. Jury is out on that one, too.

The only one I just don’t “get” is the Treksport Sandal. If it was a super minimalist trek-soled VFF, well, that would be interesting, but as it is, it seems overbuilt to my eye, which makes me think “what’s the point?” Of course, I never really understand the allure of Keens either and these seem similar.

Wow, I find all of those unattractive and not appropriate for my feet. As some others have commented, it seems Vibram keeps moving away from the reasons I bought Fivefingers in the first place.

All I want is KSOs. In women’s sizes and colors other than black (red — women’s Fivefingers seem to only come in weird shades that don’t match anything … how about some primaries? Or even grey without pink? Brown? Neutral colors that match a lot of clothes, that don’t scream for attention like a little girl’s My Little Pony tiara) and — in my wildest dreams — in water-resistant (Gore-tex!!!) brown leather without any stripes, teardrops, or other graphical enhancements. With the KSO soles, not the Treksport, which feel about as unnatural as regular shoes do to me. And with the Velcro straps, not the laces — I can’t wear those, and had to return a pair of Spyridons because of it — the heel cup is a problem, and so is the collar.

I just want simple shoes, minimal shoes, in unassuming colors and styles, that don’t hurt. I’m starting to fear Vibram will stop making KSOs for women, now that they only seem to make them in black (which isn’t very summery with a skirt and really enhances the spider veins on pale legs).

I love, love, love my KSOs. Even in black, even though I have to wear different shoes when it’s wet out. And I wish I could get the Pailliettes sequined classics in the US, to wear with pretty dresses. I don’t want or need anything that looks like a Nike or has a thicker sole than a KSO, even for running and hiking.

I kinda like the EL-X but they are no go for me as I have to wear women sizes (small feet). All the rest have thicker sole than a KSO so they are no go for me either.
Vibram, please go back to the roots and make some VFF without EVA with neutral colors like the original Classics or Sprints.

I just wanted to add that for those of us with a wider forefoot/narrow heel (more common for women), Fivefingers with laces or no fasteners at all can be nonfunctional. I need that heel strap, so I can cinch the back of the shoe. Heel cups and ankle collars injure me because they don’t ever fit. KSOs, with the strap, can be made to work perfectly. Oh, how I love them!

Also, I want to avoid logos or inserts (like the window on the Spyridons) in the arch area of the sole. For those of us tending toward flat feet, that sort of thing can be painful.

Anyway, I had another dream-shoe idea. I’d like KSOs in red sequins — Ruby slippers! I bet if Dorothy had those instead of the silly heels she could have outrun the Wicked Witch. 😉

another disappointing set of announcements by vibram for me. Having been wearing sprints for almost two years(and now being out of spare pairs) i finally had to buy a different set (bought seeyas) the lack of ground feel and foot flexibility in this shoes seriously depressed me, even if it does last longer, and the lack of breathability (compared to not having a mesh over the top fo my foot made me outright hate the shoe(despite still wearing them since I have no option). I had thought that the sprints might make a return next year, and instead they made them still female only (my size is 44, so basically i’m screwed) and gave the men no options with good ground feel and minimalist top/weight. So I am yet again in a place where I have no shoes I actually want at all coming from this company(and a complete lack of alternatives), i almost wish I had bought a lifetime supply of sprints while they where appearing as it seems viibram is going more and more the route of ‘overcomplicating’ their product like traditional shoe companies as opposed to giving us what we need (as little as possible).

so my overall opinion all this is crap, two water shoes are great and all though the neoprene wasn’t sealed on the last edition so it didn’t really make it all that great, the drain shoe seems ok I guess, i would rather take that for swiming/snorkeling (even in cold water)

EL-X looks to have the same problem as the seeyas. too much on top causing an overheated foot 90% of the time and a thicker sole with less ground feel then the KSO, and much less then the sprint, so even though this is what i ‘should’ be buying it’s crap compared to what I could be buying.

entrada looks ok and really minimalist, but is female only and lacks a strap(so even if i did have the correct shoe size i’d haveto mod it to wear it), would haveto feel the new sole to see if it’s really as good as the classic sole(or better), but again won’t be able to.

Alitza – one set of words “what the f*** is this?” strap is all that’s needed going back tot he overcomplication statement, and again not available for men. same comment on the sole as above.

trecksport – not for me too shoe like way too heavy and would get 0 use, I hiked/trailran just fine in the sprints so this shoes makes no sense to me, but i know it fits others styles who want to wear something halfway between a vibram and a shoe, imho too much in the shoe direction tho *shrugs* again not for me

Aw heck. I’d really, really, really hoped for KSOs in new colors or water resistant leather, but I guess I’m going to be stuck buying another pair of black KSOs. The sole of my right KSO wore through yesterday, and I don’t think the Shoe Goo and tire patches will get me through until the new releases. I’ll keep on reading Birthday Shoes and dreaming, though! :-). Thank you for this site.

Very excited about the Entradas. I have really been enjoying my KSOs but badly need something that gets better traction on a smooth wet surface. I wear my VFFs everywhere including to work in a local restaurant kitchen. They have been a godsend.In the past after only 2-3 hours on my feet I was having significant knee pain. Now my knees feel great even after a 6-8 hour shift. I am looking forward to not having to slow down to a cautious crawl every time I go past the dish area.

Please No, stop with the unnecessary stripes and other nonsense. Plain simple design is the only way to go. these are all ugly. I guess I am off to eBay to stock up on classics.

Haha, gotta love comments on articles like this — they’re either gonna be from people who love the shoes or absolutely hate the shoes 😉 For me, I love them! I mean, okay, I have no use for water shoes, but those Signas look fantastic! I love the low profile. I would totally pick up a pair of El-X but, alas, I am female and screwed (again). The Alitzas, though? Yeah. I will be owning those. All black, baby! Those looks SO good! Plus I have a high instep which means I can’t wear shoes with nothing over the top as my feet keep popping out.

Also, I feel like I need to say this — VIBRAM, GIVE YOUR COLOR PICKER A RAISE! Your shoes look SO much better just for better color combos. I’m sorry if you guys liked all of that teal and brown and yuck from the previous models… but the NUMBER ONE complaint I heard from friends, family, colleagues, etc. is that the colors were HORRIFIC, and I have to agree (and I work with colors for a living). Now they look fantastic! I haven’t seen a color combo on this page I wouldn’t happily wear. FANTASTIC job!

Also, THANK YOU for removing that back tab from shoes like the Classics. I bought two pair on a flash sale and can’t wear them without screaming in agony — they are torture for people with slightly thicker ankles. I did the tab mod suggested in the forums one one pair and they hurt even worse. I am SO GLAD that tab is gone. THANK YOU. Also, if anyone wants a pair of worn-once 39W Black Classics or Wine Smartwool Classics (these have the tab mod), I’m selling LOL 😉

If I could change ONE thing, however, it’d be that you stop putting obviously useful models as one sex only 🙁 I love those El-X and I wear a 38W so… I will never have a pair. Same with the Bormios. Men have that problem now with the Entrada. Maybe someday Vibram will just make all of the models in all of the sizes? One can hope, right? haha 🙁

I will do whatever it takes to get a pair of Sorrentos shipped over from Europe and maybe even a pair of Capri … I want to complete my Vibram collection so that I need never wear a regular pair of shoes again.

What these guys really need to do is crank out some shoes in size 48 again. I missed them when they used to make them in this size. I know I’m not the only guy with big feet who wants to get a pair o dese.

I would love a pair of Sigmas. I’ve been keeping an eye out for strapless VFFs that come up to my all the way up to my ankle (as opposed to the Classics) but are a more rugged than Jayas. Plus, they’re black and the patterning isn’t too crazy like some of the other sport variants. I see they’re just all black (w/ some yellow) — which is good because I’m a woman and am usually put off by most color offerings footwear rise for the ladies, if they don’t have a neutral… Sign me up for a pair in the Spring!

* ryan i was hopeing for something alittle more ruggard like a combat boot, there just scream to me please dont get me dirty

Non male,mi piace molto la El-X…ci voleva proprio questa sorta di Remaxe della Classic,mi pare che tutto sommato la Vibram stia facendo un buon lavoro,spero solo che non diventi come la Nike.Preferisco pochi modelli,mirati e fatti bene,piuttosto che milioni,spesso inutili,che confondono nella scelta finale.

I am excited, and cautiously optimistic about the EI-X. I have been holding off on buying any more KSOs, because I have been hoping for a redesign that eliminates that horrendous velcro strap. That part makes me very excited. The change in the sole scares me. I *love* the razor siping of the original TC-1, as well as the ground feel. I really hope the traction and ground feel I had with that sole won’t be diminished.

I’m a smartwool classic lover (stocked up before they were discontinued). The Entrada and Alitza look interesting. I will definitely try a pair to see if they can equal my smartwool classics.

Hey gang! Just had my pair of Speed LR’s delivered… they are awesome!! SUPER comfy with grey accents instead of orange (I kind of prefer the grey).. Ordered them from REI on Friday afternoon, arrived before noon today (monday).

They are actually a bit softer than the Trek LS, and I expect them to break in even better… True to size when compared to the Trek LS… Overall, I am very excited for the fall to come so I can bust these out with jeans… Oddly enough, I think they can be pulled off with shorts too… Better, at least, than my tan Trek LS’s.

Have a great week everyone!!

Do you think we’ll ever see another pair of open-topped VFFs in men’s sizes? The EL-X looks more like a slip-on KSO then a Classic. I like the look of most of the Entrada colorways and I think they would sell well enough to men to justify production. Looks like I’ll just have to stockpile a few pairs of size 43 Classics.

Myself and both of my parents (who are die hard VFF fans in their late 60s) have been wearing our KSOs with straps “surgically removed” for over a year. It looks like that is basically what this product is. GOOD MOVE!

It seems that the more that Vibram migrates from the original style/s, their customer following seems to change as well. The original styles are why many people were drawn to Vibram in the first place. Personally if I wanted a “shoe” there are many other choices out there. But I love toe shoes and specifically Sprints and Classics… I just wish there were more color choices available for both Men and Women.

As for the shoes above…

I Like that Vibram has decided to go with NEW colors, but the top styling is a little overboard in the Entrada and Alitza case. The design is not something I can picture on either Men (with smaller feet) or Women. Color is fine, but the lines running in every direction are a little distracting.
In the Alitza’s case the ribbon across the top would be the 1st thing I would remove or redesign. The two styles seem to be more of a new design than a remake/revamp of an old style especially with the sole being for light use.

With how I wear Sprints and Classics for everyday use and almost wearing out a pair of classics in about 3 months of constant wear with lots of walking. I don’t think the bottom of either Entrada or Alitza would last but a few weeks at the most.
In the past I have tried on many of the closed top styles, but for one reason or another my feet just won’t go into them, thus I was buying the Classics and Sprints and loving them.

I would love to see the new designs (specifically the colors) with the Classic or Sprint style of bottom, so they could be worn for everyday use by Men and Women.

I’m a bit disappointed to see a lot of my old favorites being phased out, particularly in favor of things with thicker soles, more coverage, or just more “shoe-like” in general.

As they become more popular, they’re making more and more specialized models, which is fine, but I liked the all-purpose nature of old models like the KSO, the Sprint, etc. It was nice owning just one pair that would see me through most activities. While I understand the business sense that goes into making more specialized models and fewer all-purpose ones, I don’t like it.

That being said, though, I am (ironically) looking forward to the Lontra, as I live in Minnesota and it gets WAY COLD here in the winter.

Instead of expanding the product line how about they make them less stinky ?? You pay $120+ for shoes that regardless of the performance & comfort, are seemingly guaranteed to smell….Not trying to rain on the parade but Vibram spends money to test, research, & advance their product line, fixing this would seem like a no-brainer ?

i wear vibrams just because its my natural for the the foot, i dont like running :). The Maiori looks like it would be a good winter shoe and keep the snow out and my feet warm.

I’ve been wearing FF exclusively since March 2010 because my toes hurt in regular shoes. I’d really like for Vibram to start producing more models like the Sorrento (and sell those here!) that are geared to everyday walking & casual use. A shoe that functions like the Lontra but looks like the Bormeo would be great, too.

I am beyond sad they are not coming back out with a Men’s Classic style – if this is Vibram’s attempt, then I’m screwed. I can’t fit the Woman’s sizes (wide foot) and have a wicked high arch, other than the Classics and LS’s, I can’t wear the other styles. This sucks… Vibram, why screw with what was working!

Joe: They did make a pair that doesn’t stink – that’s the Smartwool Classics. I loved them, even if the merino liner comes apart with ~6mo of wear. They discontinued the model.

Concurring with many others, I don’t understand why they’re discontinuing the good ol’ Classics. As a guy, there isn’t even any open-top options left…

you know what I would like to see? I wish that Vibram made five fingers designed for parkour. Five fingers with excellent grippy tough rubber, tear resistant toes and uppers, while still providing great ground feel. It only took me three months to wear through my KSOs through weekly parkour training. I developed holes in the sides of my big toe and second toe on each foot, and the rubber completely wore through on the second toe of my left foot.

Why oh why does Vibram have to make all the good colors in the male sizes?? Why can’t they just make all the models in all the sizes? I hate that the women’s colors are so ugly compared to the men’s colors. 🙁

Love the new water shoes…currently have 3 pairs of VFF (KSO, Flow and Bikila LS) with two more pairs ordered (Treksport & Komodosport LS)…I LIVE IN THESE THINGS…until the snow anyway…look forward to the water shoes for my daily kayak runs, the Flows have served me very well this summer.

I’m liking the Alitzas. Unfortunately, I still won’t have much use for them unless they’re made in a 35. And I’m not counting on the likelihood of that.

I know it sounds crazy, being that part of the concept of vff’s is just what it’s name declares it to be, five fingered shoes; but I’d actually like to see them develop a model without the five fingered toe pockets. I love my bikilas, I’ve also tried see-yas, all for road running; but I can’t keep my toesies warm in the winter, even with injini socks. I hate the idea of buying another barefoot brand.

I totally agree with several others here. I can never get the VFF colorways I want because they are not offered in my size (38-39). It would be such a smart move if Vibram would just make all of the models/colorways in all sizes in order to accommodate both men & women! If necessary they could trim down the inventory for the outlying sizes if they anticipate fewer buyers. But please, Vibram, STOP SHUTTING OUT THE GUYS WITH SMALLER FEET AND THE LADIES WITH LARGER FEET!

Please please pleas I beg you to bring back the classic for men. Some of the new stuff is looking like tennis shoes 🙁

Well, I’ve only ever had a pair of KSO’s. Gotta say the El-X is very interesting. Never tried the classic on the basis it was open (why I got the KSO) I like the idea of an enclosed shoe w/o straps, and the sole looks pretty awesome too. Would also consider the Signa, but the “drainage” holes concern me a bit about stuff getting up and in there. Def looking forward to this line up.

The VFF Store in Boston had a FB feed that they had a limited number of European release VFFs. I called this morning and am excited to be getting a pair of Sorrentos. Can hardly wait. I wear my VFFs for exercise, work and casual and always promoting barefoot and minimalist shoes.

Hello im 17 and love barefoot, not like other teenagers. I have the trek ls, sprydon with the strap in orange, light green bikila and the original kso with the syping. i like how the kso and classic i can actually bend my toes down. Im really looking forward to the el-x for the most minimalist advancements. But i think i need to get the speed xc in blue so i have some water resistant ones. also. My other fav barefoot brand in vivob as their aqualites are incredibly then. I also love the low riding style that they have. Similar to aldo.

I absolutely can’t express how much I want the Sorrento’s to be released here in the States. Vibram, please send these over here to be released… looking non sporty casual five fingers ever!

Justin, I’m an avid follower of the site and enjoy your reviews. Can you tell me where or how to obtain a pair of the Sorrento’s now so I don’t have to miss out on them if they don’t come to the US?

Well I am a Guy but I really would love a pair of those bright orange Entradas.

Especially as they are “open” as the classics. would pass on the el-x. I use my yellow and green speeds for that.
But I want something light as the classic.
Now they are discontinued? well I should buy some as spare. Don’t get why vibram doing that.

the Maiori are interesting. I like the split sole, but I am not thrilled by the color.

dang vibram I as a guy like some colors at my feet.

Hi , i saw your u-tube comparison between ADIPURE BAREFOOT , VIBRAM FIVEFINGERS and FILA SKELE, but you didn’t mention at all the fitting differences of the three( toes lenght , plantar width , toe bed width) and nighter the big issue of the skele having the last two toes sticking together , just where you need separation most of all.
I really wish to hear your opinion about these features.
I thank you in advance for your time and valuable expertise

@Luv2Fight. I was able to obtain a pair directly from the vibram store in Boston. I had to call them to order. I don’t know if they still have any but seeing as alot of people didn’t know they had some you might try calling them and seeing if they have any left

Seems like the Sorrento is the next closest thing akin to the make of the old Moc. I’m personally hoping that Vibram will come up with a newer indoor casual model that’s reminiscent of the Moc and which is also possibly suitable for yoga and other strictly indoor light activities when one isn’t lounging. I’m sounding off to hopefully see the Sorrento hit the U.S. and look around for anyone that might possibly still have the Moc in my size online, so I can get ’em before they COMPLETELY disappear.

I’m also making comparisons for the best Vibram model for water resistance, and your reviews are helping me out immensely. I hope I’ll make the right choice, what with winter set to arrive here in PA and me going to have to get outside and shovel the sidewalks as well as clean off the cars. Having the right VFF model to keep out water and keep my feet warmer than my KSOs do is my aim currently. I want to try the Lontra but 1) there’s no retailer in my area that carries the Lontra yet, and 2) I’ve heard about the difficulties in getting the Lontra onto one’s feet, so I’m starting to second-guess it. In response, I’m now thinking that maybe the Speed XC would be able to cut it whilst wearing longer Injinji compression socks for good measure. I’ll see if I can keep one posted on this experience.


I am disappointed that they are phasing out the classics in support of the Entrada. Like a lot of you here, I don’t know what they’re trying to get at with adding all of these extra cosmetic details because the reason why I love Vibram is because how minimalist they were in the beginning. It’s a shame that unless you went on eBay, you can’t get a pair of black Classics anymore. I don’t get what they’re trying to get at with the weird pattern on top of the toes of the Entrada because I know one of the reasons why I love my Classics is that they’re more of a feminine Vibram and I tend to wear them with skirts and dresses because I hate life without wearing my Vibrams haha. Here’s hoping that they’re listen to us and bring back the styles we adore so much.

I’m loving the El-X for minimal design and COLORs. The flashier Vibram goes the less likely I can get away with wearing them to work. My Brick colored Komodos are pushing it already with all the flash. Keep it simple colorwise please! Also, a white pair is needed! Nurses and referees need all white shoes (or 95% white at least). Anyone know when the “spring line” will hit stores?

After owning and wearing many different styles I have found the trek sport sole and the spyridon are the two best for me and what I do. I am not a runner but I wear my VFFs for everything – basically they are the shoes I wear. I am so looking forward to the “keen like” sandal as to me it’s the best of both worlds – the open sides with toe protection and a trek sole – can’t wait!

I like the looks of the women’s styles but wish they would include a little more padding at the top edge of the heel like my Komodos.

It´s really stupid to see the old basic models disappear. Please, Vibram, keep them and update (if anything) only the colours! I have started with the Sprints and love them (walking, running). They are so simple yet effective — I need the shoe to hold well on my foot so it´s great to be able to adjust perfectly the fitting. No elastic strap can do that nor will it stay the same over time. Certainly no Alitzas for me though I like the colours! Later, I have bought the Grados as well (for walks in the city, but I had to add an elastic strap to make it more Sprint-like for better fitting) and recently the Lontras for winter walks and runs. You see, I like the VFF idea and would possibly buy some new fancy model again in the future but I would like to be able to re-purchase my basic Sprints when they get old. I understand your commercial strategy but it disgusts your old fans and confuses possible new customers. Look at IKEA for example — they come with new furniture every year but keep some basic things like the Billy bookcase all the time. One needs to have some solid points in life!

I do a lot of beach running and I was considering getting a pair of these Vibram FiveFinger shoes.

Right now it’s a toss up between the El-X (the pair I’m leaning towards) and the Signa.

What do you guys suggest since I’m a first time buyer?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions

Since I bought my Vibram KMD’s they have been great. I walk a great distant one day the leg pain I once had, has vanished, and my Vibram restored my gate. The new line up looks great. In Addition to walking I am forced to drive long periods of time. After sustaining heavy damage to one of my legs regular shoes are heavy and cause pain. I am looking forward to the new “EL-X” and it’s light weight will change the pain issue too. The KSO’s I own, have to a large extent have already addressed this issue. The “EL-X” will be the total answer. The color is great on them too. I was reading where one individual had comment on colors and flash. I have to agree with this person, these shoes are not only worn for sports and fitness but also by folks who work, and have either, professional and or very physical careers, and are either on their feet or use their legs and feet a lot in their jobs. I see an opportunity for Vibram here to increase there market. As Clogs exploded in the medical field some time ago I feel that the toe shoe is an idea who’s time has come.

Thank you Vibram for making women’s colors simple. I love the black and grey, and I really hate pinks, purples, and baby blues.

Hi Justin
I’m living in Ireland and love the new model vibrams EL-X I recently bought 2 pairs of vibrams from a site in the UK turned out to be fakes from China wish I had seen your site sooner. I need your help could you send me a reliable site that has these and ships to Ireland I have tried and they don’t.


I really want VFF to expand their US options. They no longer have classics or sprints on their website, but the european site has it all. My wife is interested in VFF after trying a classic, but now she wants them for casual wear and every day wear. Styles like the classic smartwool, classic paillettes, arent available here anymore. I will be upset when i cant get another pair of classics to replace mine!

I’ve been a vibram fan for 5 years started with the smart wool classic for theuropedic reason but fell in love with how great my feet were feeling i went and bought the bikilia ls both green and black version for running ..bought the Moc for the Dojo and want something that was like a classic but with more coverage and flexible and found the women Jaya black was perfect its my favorite vibram for everyday use..Ya ya its a women shoe but hell vibram made them in black and looks like a man’s shoe great flexability and feel and love the tread design Vibram nuts for letting it go. Now I want to get the EL-x but like everyone else want the black version the orange its to loud for me …I tried one out today and liked it very grippy tread and pretty good floor contact feel i even tried the women Entrada black last pair at REI and pretty much the same shoe as EL-X except less top coverage which is great for the hot summer days ..Guys you can buy the entrada if your a small footed guy i fit in the last size they have 42 so i bought them and all i can say is they have the best traction grip i ever felt from a vibram..Can’t wait till they stock the EL-X all black out again so i can pick up a pair. i bought the Entrada and so far wore it all day great for hot days and El-X for those rougher cooler days

I love your website and it did helped me a lot when I first started to do research about toe shoes. There are a lot of cute shoes in Europe; is there any way we can purchase from Europe?

Thank you! <3

Got into VFFs from barefoot running, so these all seem a bit …er…irrelevant to me. I love my Bikila LS for running but it looks like all the new ones are for casual wear or trekking? What are we going to be running fast 10ks in? Having bolted from Nike on hearing that the reason for changing their product line every year was to force people to buy two pairs of a shoe they liked in case it was discontinued, I am holding my breath about the disappearance of VFF “classic”

whoever is drawing these models is loosing track of reality. all water models should have a snug high neoprene top so sand doesn’t get in. be it at the beach, lake or watever, there’s always gravel, sediment or watever and it always finds its way into the shoe to swim around and guarantee a fine rub! I was soo looking for a perforated sole like the signa, but with the maiori upper! now neither will suit my needs…

First off, great site, Justin – been checking it on-and-off for some time…you output good stuff.

Echoing someone way up in the comments who intensely misses KSO TrekSports – I’ve run in VFF’s since 2006, literally wear them every day…was the first person a number of TSA screeners in Seattle saw w/ the “monkey feet” years ago, made for interesting conversation. Silly ‘shoe cred.’ aside:
Vibram, Please bring back KSO TrekSports! On my 9th pair VFF’s and sadly can now only find KSO TS’s on eBay. The new designs are great but us old-timers miss the originals.

Moderately-entertaining reading, as well:


Flow vs. Maiori vs. Signa. I live near Lake Michigan and spend a lot of time during the summer at the beach and in the water. I like the idea of the Signa-quick drying, full foot movement, but how does it do in keeping out debris? I have the KSO but it doesn’t do too well keeping out sand… Any recommendations?

Would like to try the new strappy ones as long as the straps don’t ru. I think I would need them to fit my narrow foot. disappointed the classic and sprint are no longer avalable as I never got either I love bikilas for running but want something for casual wear. Wish the company would keep the original models around. I guesd I just got to the party too late!

I cannot thank you enough for making the entrada and alitza all black! I’m a female, and I hate the general colors of women’s athletic shoes. I don’t care to be running around in bright pinks and purples and Carolina bleeeeewwws. ;).

I would love to see the Sorrento on my feet. I wear FiveFingers all the time, back problems and balance make wearing normal footwear tough so I gave up and wear VFF’s everywhere. It would be awesome to have some casual VFF’s that just blend, like the KSO Trek leather. The Sorrento and more like it would be great for us non-runners who simply want to be able to walk without pain or falling down. Meantime I will continue to build my VFF collection and rave every time I am asked how they are.

SIGNAS: I bought a pair of Signas hoping that I could use them outside of a water shoe and was thoroughly let down, but also as a water shoe. The appearance of the Signas in the photograph makes it look rather sleek and tasteful and looks a little bit less obvious as a toe shoe and more like a low profile shoe…well, it certainly is low profile. Once you manage to get them on, they look very little more than black spandex socks and just do not have the countenance you’d expect from the angle their photos are taken in. They’re so low profile in fact, they’ll squeeze your feet down considerably trying to just fit them on. They are very hard to get on and take a bit of cinching for a few minutes per foot to accomplish. Once you have them on, they’re very tight. I’m not super familiar with neoprene and if there’s some sort of break-in required but these certainly come very tight. I am a 47 and these rate the same 47 as all the others, but have VERY narrow width. They also have some kind of strange neoprene strap underneath the top of the forefoot area that goes around outside of the big toe to the sole (and connects to the loop that comes out the top of the shoe) to sort of distribute tension on the shoe but the strap doesn’t seem like it would last long before coming undone, it also gets in the way when trying to put them on.

One other reason I thought the Signas were amazing before getting them was the perforated sole. I really want a pair of vibrams that allows the soles of my feet to breath and dry out since my vibrams are always collecting grime and stench in the soles. Well, the sole feels fine on my feet except for the pinky knuckle inside the foot gets quite a bit of pressure from the outside edge of the forefoot sole. Not great for walking a lot in.
Also the rubber on the sole just feels less durable than other vibram soles. I could be wrong. However I wouldn’t expect the perforations on the sole to last long before they split to other perforations, especially under conditions where there’s hot sand and pavement in the summer where water sports is going to be happening most that will wear on them pretty fast since they are very thin. There is also no ‘bumper’ rubber on the front of the toes, just neoprene.
The other problem with the sole is that having it separated in two sections does indeed increase flexibility in the middle, however, the middle has ZERO protection against pavement/rocks etc. It’s just fabric strips that run between the forefoot sole and heel sole with a little bit of rubberized patterned mesh in between. I walked around with them for just a few minutes and looked at the strips and they were already getting dirtied up so they do not suspend above the ground at all. Don’t expect that to last long before getting ripped or frayed. They could have at least added some rubber coating to the fabric strips like they added to the top and sides of the shoe.
That’s about the only pro to this shoe after all these problems, rubberized sections on top of areas likely to get some abrasion on the TOP of the shoe, but they seem to have forgotten the bottom arch area. The materials otherwise seem to be OK, the mesh in the sole does seem to be fairly strong and the upper has nice materials here and there. Overall it seems this shoe is just a design that went straight from CAD to the shoe mill without hardly any testing. If Vibram could transport the features of a segmented and perforated sole to a more casual/running fit/function would be nice to see, especially with the general design look of the Signas which I found appealing, but a bit more built up so I don’t look like I have tiny ballerina socks on my feet. However I wouldn’t even wear these as water shoes since they are not very comfortable and do little more than what you’d get with going just barefoot rather than messing with these for 10 minutes getting them on.

Curious about the sizing of the Signa. I ordered a pair along with the Altiza from ShoeMart. According to Vibram’s size chart the corresponding size for my foot length is a 41. I thought this was odd since I am usually a 38/39 in every other model (and I have a bunch of Vibrams) but I thought maybe that was just the way they were sized. Well, I got them today and they are huge. I have sent Vibram an email to find out what is going on but I am annoyed to say the least. I am going to have to send these back to get the right size and I am not even sure what is the correct size. And I am guessing that I will have to pay some extra shipping as well.

April, I had the same concern. I called and spoke to someone at VibramUSA who may have had no idea what he was talking about. I asked if the listed size of “41” on their site for the Signa was a mistake since all my other VFF’s are 38. He said not a mistake and then said that this shoe’s format is very different and therefore I needed a 41. The conversation ended with me still wondering. Now I see on the Vibram website that they changed the sizing back to “38” for my foot in the Signa. Further, after reading Nick’s review above, I’m not sure what size to try – or even if I want to.

an update on those signas. I tried getting used to them, to break them in a bit, but it’s just not happening.
The biggest problem is just how insanely tight they are from the pinky joint (metatarsal-phalangeal) to around the arch area, it feels like it’s never going to let up. I happened to be super tired one evening and fell asleep for a couple hours with them on and woke up with the worst itch on the top of my feet I’ve had in a long time and the deepest creases in my skin I’ve seen there. They just have too much BS going on above the forefoot area, with all the seams and that torsion strap or whatever it’s called connected to the pull tab and everything….too many seams for an area that’s very sensitive and should be left alone and then there’s two thick seams right around that metatarsophalangeal (pinky) joint…plain stupidity in my eyes when it comes to shoe design, they just apparently foregone the comfort and durability level in favor of some other idea yet to be seen. Maybe the aggravation to those areas is supposed to stimulate a certain muscle tension pattern of keeping the feet super tight that surfers are looking for, or some other funky niche bs.

Also something I forgot to mention in my previous post is the fact the heel sole is in a completely reverse order of placement. If you see where the yellow vibram label is on the sole, that triangular area should be on the other side, sitting under the outside edge of the heel, not the inside (under the arch). There is absolutely no foreseeable reason for me why they put it this way, since it’s pretty obvious that the outside arch touches the ground a lot more and is an obvious place to put more rubber. Not under an area that barely touches the ground hardly ever (as evidenced by being completely clean while the rest of the sole is dirty), and leave it up to fabric to deal with an area that touches the ground all the time. I guess they thought it was the best place to stick the vibram logo. Or maybe it has some odd benefit with the flexible mesh in between, but I’m not seeing it. They could’ve easily flipped the sole around and it would work so much better, or some kind of segmented rubber in that area to allow flexion but provide traction as well as durability. But nooooo…And don’t forget there’s zero rubber on the front of the toes, meanwhile they have a rubber layer on the top..*rolls eyes* Why couldn’t they have just connected the rubber layer on top to the sole, giving protection to the front of the toes??

I recently picked up a pair of TrekSport Sandals and I really like them. I wouldn’t go stomping around in the woods with them but they are great for running on the beach and water sports. You would think they would be cooler but my feet actually get really warm in them so don’t be fooled by the cut-outs in the upper. When trying them on initially my regular “trek” size seemed small. The girl at the store said they would “stretch” but I didn’t believe her and since the Alitza and Entrada both run small I decided to get the next size up. I should have believed the girl at the store. The upper loosened up the first day I wore them and I had to keep cinching down the speed lace and folding it over and under the shoe tongue to get it to stick back on the velcro. As a result, my mom is going to be getting a nice broken-in pair and I will be purchasing another pair in my “regular” size. 🙂 Another nifty feature is they also come with actual laces. If you decide the speed laces are not working out you can snip them off and put real laces in them. Contrary to my other speed lace FiveFingers, I actually like these. I think it is because the string is longer and allows you to get them as loose as you want. I will be using the extra laces in my Bikila LS’!

I happened to walk into my local Vibram-carrying-shoe-store a couple weeks ago as they were unpacking the Alitza’s and immediately pounced on them! I was a little disappointed that they run small but other than that I really LOVE them. The soles seem thin but they are “bouncy” and very comfortable. The elastic straps are comfortable and don’t pull in the wrong places. My only concern is how I will replace them when the elastic starts to stretch out, but I’m sure I will figure something out! They are very cute and people who know I wear FiveFingers all the time do a double-take when I wear them because at first they think I am not wearing FiveFingers. 😀

Last week I picked up a pair of Entrada’s and I LOVE them. Then again, I LOVE all my VFFs…At any rate, the Entrada’s are very comfy and when I wear them I feel like I am truly barefoot on the top and bottom of my feet, it’s like they aren’t even there. The upper material is light and breathable, the sole is very flexible and the design is pleasingly stylish. Other than the overall appearance, I can’t really compare these to the Classics or the Sprints, because I don’t think they “wear” the same. The materials and fit are very different. Classics and Sprints have a snug, second skin fit where the Entrada’s and Alitza’s have a looser, “drafty” fit. I would rather wear my Classics while scuba diving or washing the car but if I’m going to the movies or grocery shopping I’ll wear the others. Now, if Vibram will just venture away from the “girly” pastel colours and give us a hunter green and khaki option or at least some colour combination that is a little more “earthy” the Women’s shoes would be perfect. I don’t mind purple but not for every VFF style I own. Give us a brown for goodness sake! Sizing Note: If you are considering the Entrada or Alitza, try them on at a store first (if you can). If you order these online be aware that the Entrada’s and Alitza’s may run SMALL. With the exception of my Wool Classics, all my other 20+ pair of VFFs are a 38, these I had to get in a 39 because they were too short in the length.

Hello BirthdayShoes Community. I recently purchased a pair of Vibram FiveFinger Signas, and wanted to add my take on how they fit in addition to Nick’s…

First, A little about me:
Male, 6’4″ (76 inches) (??? cm), 210 pounds (??? kg), wear a size 13 US shoe (Adidas 47 cm) (Nike 47.5 cm), and flat-footed (no arch)…

I bought these shoes on 2013/03/14, and have worn them on all 3 days. My experience overall has been much more positive than Nick’s, but still not perfect! I got these Signas in a size 46, and they fit me perfectly (outside of a pain issue once an hour on the top of my left foot). I originally went into REI in with the expectation of picking up a size 47 since most of my athletic shoes are around 47.5 cm. Their online inventory checker said that my local store had them in stock, but they were not on the shoe wall. An associate didn’t even know that they had them until looking around in the back (that’s how new they were). The foot chart/measurement guide, as measured from the heel to the tip of the longest toe, had me measured somewhere around 45 centimeters actually. I tried on the 47s, but there was too much length between my toes and the tips of the shoes. The 46s fit fine, so I ran with those. Had I bought the 47s online, I would have had to return them…

Introductions aside, I’ll now give my angle on some of Nick’s problems:
1) Personally, I purchased these VFF Signa shoes as a pure water only shoe for aqua jogging/pool running. I don’t have any expectations of excellent performance on land or in alternating wet/dry environments. I recently had a knee surgery (torn patellar tendon), and aquatic exercises will help speed up my 1 year recovery. I need shoes for running and lateral movements inside the pool, so the ultra-low profile of the VFFs will help get back my side stepping strength and quickness.
2) It can, but should not, take minutes to put FiveFingers on. Because us in 1st world countries have been wearing cushioned shoes our whole lives; we have weaker muscles, tendons & padding throughout our feet. Because of our pampered feet, it is not recommended doing lengthy or strenuous exercises in VFFs until you build up your strength! I’ve seen posts online from people that were impatient and got stress fractures or partially foot ligaments (plantar fasciitis). Therefore, if it takes minutes to put on your shoes, you have still weak toes and/or bad technique. Today, on my 3rd time putting these on, I employed 2 techniques (walking my toes into the shoe & spreading my toes into their respective slots). I put both shoes on in under 1 minute 30 seconds total.
3) The width of the shoe is a medium to a narrow (to promote a tight fit I presume since there is no laces). Anybody with wide feet or bunions, like my father, should look into a model with laces or a tying system. The use of vertical height may help alleviate some people’s width issues.
4) The clearish straps on the bottom of the shoe (between the forefoot and heel rubber pods) are not meant to continually drag against rough surfaces like concrete! When using these VFFs mostly in water, this will not be an issue, and the lack of rubber in the middle of the foot helps with added flexibility while swimming! With my flat feet, these clear stretchy straps will fray within a couple months of city walking, but, that is not what these shoes are made for. There are other models better suited with full length rubber soles for that.
5) The side strap doesn’t seem to get in the way for me when putting on the shoe, but fit is different for everybody. Personally, with my fit, I can’t even tell if the strap works! I could do without it, but I do like the aesthetic look of it. Don’t like the look of the top pull tag either, but it is very necessary.
6) I got these Signas mainly for their perforated/holey sole as well. The holes will allow for better water flow and while submerged, and quick drying when exiting the pool. Other models with more heel or insole padding worried me in regards to the shoe retaining too much liquid and getting water-logged.
7) These are my first pair of VFFs, so I can’t talk about the long term durability of the rubber used for the sole, but in terms of thickness (from what I’ve seen on their website & felt in the store) these soles are thinner than other shoes. Signas have a 2mm sole, most other VFFs have a 3mm sole, and some trail running ones have a 4mm sole. For lateral movement and gripping the bottom of a pool floor, I enjoy the thin rubbery grip. Keep in mind that rubber thickness doesn’t always directly correlate to long-term wear & tear.
8) There is no rubber bumper on the tips of the toes! For those worried about constantly stubbing their toes, a different water shoe with raised rubber would be better. I never anticipated it being an issue for me, so I didn’t mind the rubber only being on the bottom.
9) Everyone that I’ve seen that teaches classes in water (especially in a pool) said that it is better to have protection on your foot than going barefoot. I read online about a person that walked into a local lake (without wearing their VFFs for fear of waterlogging) and cut their foot. I will be solely in a pool, and bought these Signas in part to guard against the rough surface of the pool floor! Even if these shoes aren’t the answer, don’t barefoot it if you can.
10) Visitor Nick has a supreme tightness and pain around the pinky knuckle/little toe on one or both of his feet in these VFF Signas. Since every person is different, I did not receive this issue at all! My one problem (that may occur on my other foot in the future) is the pressure on the top of the shoe on the top of my foot! As it turns out, my left foot is bigger than my right foot (its very slightly longer). Also, due to the leg cast and inability to walk for an entire month, I lost up to 80% if the muscle mass in my right leg, and maybe 30% of the muscle mass in my right foot! With these 2 issues combined, it means that for me, my left foot is longer AND taller (due to muscles on top of my foot) than my right foot! The pain from pressure of the stretchy neoprene only occurs once an hour for a few minutes, then my body possibly gets used to it for a little while. To alleviate this, I have pushed/inched my foot back to the heel of my left shoe, and that seems to make the pain go away. Once I build the muscle back in my right foot however, I may have this same issue a year from now :-/
11) The Vibram logo on the inner part of the outsole’s heel is clean for Nick, but is dirty for me. This is because of differences of how he supinates (ankles move outward when he runs) and I pronate (ankle moves inward when we walk). Because his foot rolls outward, he puts more wear on the outside of his shoes. Because I am neutral & severely flat-footed, or possibly even rolling inward as well, I put more wear on the inside of my shoes! This is, like I said, different for every individual, and not a major design flaw in the shoe, but a flaw in our postures, stance and strides.
12) Excellent point that the fact that there is no “segmented” rubber in the midfoot region of the outsole can be changed! I like that there is no stiff rubber in the middle, which is good for flexibility when swimming, but there could be dots of durable rubber along the clear stabilizing straps to preserve the wear of the area and keep the midfoot off of the ground for people with flat-normal arched feet! The rubber could be dotted and stategically spread out to keep the shoes flexibility, while strengthening the midfoot from long-term abrasion. Excellent free tip from Nick, you are welcome Vibrams…

Novel, finished. If there is anything I left out tha may be of concern, please let me know! I love the barefoot feel of this brand of shoes, and I only notice that I am wearing shoes when I curl my foot inward against the flexion of the rubber sole. Might even buy a second pair soon, or one for the g/f and Dad…

I received a pair of the Entradas and I was really disappointed. I have really enjoyed the classics and was sad to see them discontinued so the Entrada seemed to be the closest match to them.

The sole of the Entrada is much skinnier than the classic which made it almost hard to walk because i felt my foot tipping to either side over the heel. The portion of the sole that is right under the arch of the foot is about an inch and a half wide and the heel being about a half inch smaller in width than the classics.

They are much lighter then the classics and have a mesh type upper and inside fabric. I also believe that the heel portion of the fabric could have come up higher on the heel for a more secure feeling of staying on the foot.

It looks like i will be waiting for a comeback of the classics or another similar design to try.

Finally picked up some Signas. No problems with fit. I got my usual size: W38. I was surprised how much room I have since I have such a wide foot and high arch. They are rather comfortable from toes to arch to heal. There is a bit of play in the heal cup across the Achilles, but it’s not bothersome in the hour that I wore them so far. I did immediately notice that the net fabric (yes, fabric) joining the sole forefoot with the sole heel is not flexible as you might expect. So it doesn’t form-fit across my high arch. Instead, it ripples up in the middle when I plantar flex my foot. (This would not be the case for a flat-footed person.) If I were planning to wear this as a land shoe, this would definitely be a practical problem and a comfort problem – it would wear out in no time. But THIS IS NOT A LAND SHOE. As has been said before, this shoe is intended for water and watery terrain. (I wouldn’t use it for mud – it would clog up the water drainage system.) If viewed as strictly a water shoe, then I think it meets the mark very well. Very light/shear. Nice grippy sole. Easy on & off. I’ll have to wait til next month for the beach testing.

I suppose I’ll start by saying what vff’s I have. I have classics in a w38 and kmd in w39. The classics had seams inside and that annoyed me or so I thought. I must have gotten used to them. I ordered w39 Alitzas because they were purple and I needed some everyday shoes that were more comfy than the classics. Here is my issue. I can pick up stuff with my toes with the kmds and the classics. But the alitza NOPE. Maybe it’s the way the bottom is done. I’m staring at them going ok. Purple vff’s. I cannot return them because they are my favorite color. But gosh dangit they might as well be a pair of ballerina flats not that they squish my feet they don’t but I liked that the other pairs I own seem to separate my toes more. I was a gymnast and dancer and my toes are kind of squished together so I like the relief of vff’s but these aren’t providing that. But they’re cute. And they are comfy. Blah. I’m torn.

I have Alitzas. I just got them, and they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever walked in, and I usually wear flipflops. I actually managed to walk fast enough to get my heart rate up the other day because my feet didn’t hurt, and pulled home a load of groceries in the granny cart without my arches getting sore at all. I just wish the store here in Edmonton had more styles and colours. I’d love to get that dark purple one. Or those lovely Performa style.

I LOVE my Entradas. Period. I love the purple colors. Period. I don’t want boring colors on my feet. Considering I have a crossed toe and bunions and every bone in my feet are misaligned, those Entradas (39) are making me feel very comfy. They are like ballet slippers with toes. LOVE THEM. Now, if only I could find those Purple Alitzas……This is my first pair of Vibram FiveFingers but it won’t be my last. I personally love the girly girl colors and look.

I have wide feet – EEE – and have been wearing Komodo Sport LS and (one of the other LS models) for a couple of years. I want something like them for kayaking (I do wear the KS LS, but they do not hold up well under water). I just tried the Signa and TrekSport sandals.
I tried a 44 (though my feet measure 11 even). My feet resembled hams in netting with the TrekSport Sandal. Very uncomfortable and tight. The Signa had potential but is designed with a non-elastic cross strap (that cannot be cut) that squeezes the foot. Again – too tight.
So – not impressed with the selection for wide feet. There is scant competition in the water sports department – anyone have ideas for wide feet?

Glad I read all of the comments, some signa reviews in here are worth reading!

I’m mixed about buying KSO’s again (mine delaminated sole from fabric) and I use them in the water about 50% of the time. I have a pair of spyridons but they give my feet issues sometimes and stay wet forever. The signa’s seem like a fantastic idea, and real KSO reboot in my opinion– except that pesky missing midsole. Terrible decision there, I’d gladly forgo fast drainage for the rubber to be across the entire sole.
Perhaps the el-ex is a better bet for me.

From vibram on twitter, comparing signa to kso:
“Signa is Vibram TC4 Plus rubber, has holes for drainage,non-marking & provides similar grip. Key note: there is no midsole on Signa”

Interesting that the tc4 rubber provides similar grip to the tc1 on the kso. I’m curious if it lasts as long too, my guess it would have to, to keep those perforations and angles without shedding rubber so quickly (ie: tougher).

Add my voice to those who wish Vibram would rerelease earlier models. For me, the JayaLS is THE SHOE.

Regular shoe size is 9 1/2. I have a narrow foot and heel, right forefoot widened by a bunion. According to Vibram chart, I measure a size 42 in most Vibrams, including the Jayas, but for some reason the 41s are the right fit for me in Jaya LS. (I remember trying on 42s in a store before buying my first pair, and them being too big.) I have been scouring online stores to snag more before they are completely gone. Tried a regular Jaya (there seem to be slightly more of them around still) in a 41, but it is too short in the big toes. Have a 42 on order, but fear it will be too big overall.

Tried the Entradas in a 41, and they are very much too short. Don’t think I’ll bother trying a 42 though, because I think it will feel even more like it’s slipping off my mostly narrow feet due to the low cut.

The Jayas really hugged the form of my foot and the sole had reinforcement (those strategically placed discs) perfect for an aging foot that has lost some of the flesh padding in those same spots (not uncommon, esp. the balls of the feet). The Entradas feel strangely flat-footed and floppy by comparison.

I have tried the Sprints- meh- and the KSOs compressed the top of my foot too much. I have a pair of 42 Bikila LS on order, fingers crossed. But I don’t expect them to be ‘replacements’ in all the situations I wear Jayas, even if the fit is good.

I use the Jaya LS for everyday footwear: house (brick floors), exercise walking (pavement and sand/gravelly paths), and around town. (I don’t run anymore because of knee/hip issues, but I think I could’ve run in Jayas. The only reason I don’t wear them for real hiking in the desert is because there are thorns and spikes that can go thru a car tire, let alone a light shoe. I would wear them in woods in the East.)

I can dress (slightly) up or down w/ the different colorways. The look is (as was advertised) “sleeker and more feminine”.

Clearly, the Entradas and Alitzas aren’t going to be a shoe I can migrate to.

It always happens: you find a product you intend to by loyal to forever, and the manufacturer gets a ‘better’ idea.

I want the Sorrentos! I am a collector of VFF’s and have many pairs. I know these are for the dudes, but they will fit me too! Where can I order a pair?

I LIKE the Signa for kayakking; but what I would REALLY love would be a Vibram LS qith an extended ankle (6-8 in). My primary hobby involves a lot of running through the woods; and it would be nice to have something that I can water proof!
Vibram sandals seems kind of pointless to me- but then again I tend to consider sandals what I wear when I plan to remove my shoes.

I bought a pair of Entradas back in October of 2013. By January they had holes in them at the seams along the backs. I’ve worn them almost every day to and from work. (I work in an office so it isn’t like I do alot of walking.) Prior to the Entradas, I had a pair of Classics that I wore almost every day for two years. The only reason I traded them for the Entradas was that one of our puppies chewed on the back strap and it started rubbing my heel. In my classics I coached tee-ball and played kickball for two summers and they are still in great shape. My 11 year old daughter now wears them and LOVES them. I contacted Vibram about my problems with the Entrada and they said since they were purchased on Amazon, they couldn’t do anything about them. They did however offer me a 30% discount code and the customer service representative offered suggestions for a replacement pair since the Entradas and the Classics are no longer available. I really wish Vibram had elected to revamp the little leather, mary-jane like style that was specifically made for indoor use only. Had they remade those and added an outdoor sole to them, I would be in Heaven! I loved the look of the leather and the little Mary-Jane straps.

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